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Being there


Jerzy Kosinski


The story takes place in the house where the Old Man lives in the 19th century in the upper-class and lower-class environment.


-Chance, A man without any other hobbies or jobs than gardening and watching TV. He had no identity, he had had no education (he cannot read or write).


The story is of the point of view of an omniscient author.


Chance had lived with the Old Man as long as he could remember, he had always lived in the same house and he had never been outside the house and the garden. The owner of the house was the Old Man, when the Old Man died, Chance went away. As soon as Chance enters the life of the Rands after he had been knocked down by Mrs. Rand's limousine, it becomes clear that Chance's inability to communicate is by no means unique in the 'real' world beyond the TV screen. Chance learned a lot of watching TV, so he knew a lot about businessmen. Mr. Rand immediately assumes that Chance must be a successful, self-employed businessman. Chance was called Chauncey Gardiner by Mrs. Rand. From that time Chauncey Gardiner was his name. Mr. Rand is the chairman of the First American Financial Corporation, but he was very ill, so when the president came Chauncey was allowed to come with him, because he wanted him to follow him up. When the President asked Chauncey what he thinks about the bad season on Wall Street, he answers: ' In a garden growth has its season. There are spring and summer, but there are also fall and winter. And then spring and summer again. As long as the roots are not severed, all is well and all will be well.' This was exactly what the President would say that day. By this the President said Chauncey's name, so he became very populair. He came on TV and became a lust object for both men and women. At that time he wanted to go back to his own garden and so he did.


I like this book, because in the first place it is easy to read, in the second place, the things that happened aren't usual things, but therefor interesting. As a ordinary burger you never see the president himself. (only on TV, Chance did).
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