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Being There

Title explanation

Chance didn't have to do anything. Everything was organized for him. He just have to be there.

Number of pages

Being There has 86 pages.




The story is about six days in Chance's life in New York.


The story take place after the World War II but before 1989. I know that because they talk about West-Germany and about the USSR, and on page 52 they talk about: When we first met during the World War II. But when it excatly take place I don't know but that is not important in this story.

Main character(s)

There is only one main character and that is Chance. Chance is a man that had lived his hole live in a house with an old man. As he had an accident he lived with EE and mr. Rand. He can not read or write and he is his hole life in the garden.


Chance is a man who lived from the day he was a little child in a house with an old man. He work there as a gardener. He become no money for it, only food and shelter. On a day the old man died and Chance don't know what to do. When the old man lived, everyting was organized for him but know he was alone. The only person who he knows was the maid. But he have to go to the notary. There they don’t believe Chance and his story that he lived his hole live in the house because there was not any evidence. He decided to go awa As he walk down the street he had an accident. The driver, Elizabeth Eve Rand (EE), take care of Chance. Because of a misunderstanding Chance is called Chauncey Gardiner. The husband of EE, mr. Rand, is impressed by the way how Chance thimk about things. He is a very simple man who have learnt very much from his tv and from his garden. Mr. Rand is an important businessman, the President of the USA comes to him for advice. When the next day the the President comes to mr. Rand, mr. Rand invited Chance to stay by the conversation. Also the President is very impressed obout the opinion from Chance about the economie from the USA.

And after that Chance was very know. Every tv station wants him and every paper too. When he is at a party on a evening, he gets rid of all photographers and goes into the garden. He does not think, he is totally in peace with himself there.

The heart of the book

I think the heart of the book is that if you are be a simple person and you listen very good to the nature, you be a good person and you understand many things very good.


I think the book was very nice. I’d liked it because it was not difficult to read and the subject was interesting. Otherwise it was sometimes hard to understand what the writer means. But the book was very good.
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