Boekverslag : Jane Austen - Sense And Sensibility
De taal ervan is Engels en het aantal woorden bedraagt 1053 woorden.

Auteur: Jane Austen

Titel: Sense and sensibility

Titelverklaring: The book called sense and sensibility because Elinor thinks about

all the things with her mind (sense) and Marianne with her feelings (sensibility). Elinor follows her sense and Marianne in everything her heart. She don’t think about some things and Elinor does.

Eerste druk: 1811

Genre: A social novel, but also a love story

Perspectief: The story is told by an omniscient narrator. “Mrs John Dashwood now installed herself mistress of Norland; and her mother and sisters in law were degraded to the condition of visitors.” (page 4)

“A moment’s glance at her sister when they returned was enough to inform Elinor that Willoughby had paid no second visit there.” (page 67)

Tijd van handeling: The book is written in 1811. You can see that in the words carriage. The small details tell you that. “They will have no carriage, no horses, and hardly any servants; they will keep no company, and can have no expenses of any kind!” (page 6)

Between the begin and the end passes roughly two years. “Remember, my love, that you are seventeen”. (page 9) “She found herself nineteen, submitting to new attachments”. (page 138)

Plaats van handeling: There are different places:

- Norland Park “The family of Dashwood had been long settled in Sussex, at Norland Park”. (page 1)

- Barton Cottage “The situation of Barton Cottage, in a county so far distant from Sussex as Devonshire, was now its first recommendation.” (page 12)

- London “She resided every winter in a house in London.” (page 62)

Karakter personen: There are different persons:

- Elinor Dashwood: sister of Marianne and Margaret, 19 years old. Hide her feelings and is full of good sense. She speaks very formal also about her feelings. “Elinor’s astonishment at what she heard was at first too great for words; but at length forcing herself to speak, and to speak cautiously she said with a calmness of manner, which fairly well concealed her surprise and anxiety” (page 53)

- Marianne Dashwood: sister of Elinor and Margaret, 17 years old. Wild and emotional and very talented. A warm and affectionate girl with strong feelings. She says what come up in her mind and doesn’t feel shame for the things she say. “What a pity it is, Elinor, said Marianne, that Edward should have no taste for drawing,” (page 9)

- Edward Ferrars: Shy and doesn’t say much. Keep his word if he gave it to somebody. He doesn’t listen to his mother for marrying a wealthy girl. “Edward said nothing should prevail on him to give up his engagement.” (page 96)

- John Willoughby: Charming and good-looking, heartbreaker of some girls. “He was uncommonly handsome”. (page 18)

- Colonel Brandon: serious and calm, keep loving Marianne. “ Ill you please tell him that the living of Delaford, now just vacant, is his if he thinks it worth his acceptance.” (page 101)

- Lucy Steele: very pretty, flatters everyone, selfish and insecure. “In a moment I shall see the person that all my happiness depends on – that is to be my mother!” (page 89)

- There are much more persons, but this are the important ones.

Samenvatting: When Mr. Henry Dashwood dies, he leaves all his money to his son of his marriage and his second wife and three daughters have nothing. They are about a half year in their house that now belongs to Fanny Dashwood ( John Dashwoods wife ). Elinor and Edward Ferrars (the brother of Fanny) meet and like eachother very much, but some weeks later they get a letter, they can live in Barton Cottage that belongs to the cousin of Mrs. Dashwood. They meet there Colonel Brandon and John Willoughby. They both fall in love with Marianne. But Marianne loves John Willoughby. One dag John Willoughby must go to London and Marianne is lovesick. For some time Anne and Lucy Steele are invited at Barton Park by Mrs. Jennings. Lucy wants to be good friends with Elinor and tell her she is engaged to Edward Ferrars for four years now. Elinor is very shocked, but tells this to nobody. When Marianne and Elinor go to London with Mrs. Jennings Colonel Brandon asks Elinor is Marianne and Willoughby are engaged,. Because de whole town is talking about them. But when Marianne and Willoughby finally met, Willoughby denies her and he sends a letter which says he never had feelings for Marianne. He merries the rich Mrs. Grey for the money. Marianne is lovesick and goes for a walk but when Colonel Brandon finally found her she is almost dead. Marianne started to love Colonel Brandon and they are married at the end of the book. Elinor has it very hard when she heard that Lucy and Edward are married. But happily for her, Lucy is married to the younger brother, Robert. And now can Elinor and Edward get married.

Thema en motieven: The theme is ‘young ladies who must live in the hard world’. The motivs for this theme are: love, brokenheart, friendship, the sisters couldn’t live without eachother. “Elinor was calm, except when she thought of her mother, but she was almost hopeless; and in this state she continued will noon, scarcelyu moving from her sister’s bed.

Bedoeling auteur:

Eigen mening: It’s a beautiful book. Sometimes it’s is very boring, for example if the persons don’s speak with each other and you only get information. But after the boring pages ther are the actionmoments, when happends something very important for the persons. You are almost in the book and can feel what Elinor and Marianne feel, when the man the loved don’t belong to them. In that time you can say nothing, only by your own family else knows the whole town it. I saw the movie. You understand the book much better if you saw the movie first. Butr there are lot of differences between the book and the film. Not all the persons in the book do you see in the movie. In that time you lived very different than us. How you go on with each other and how you speak. That’s funny, but sometimes you don’t understand it. I think evryone should read the book or see the movie, because it’s a very beautiful book.

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