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The Bean Trees


Barbara Kinsolver was born in 1955 in eastern Kentucky. Apart from America she has also lived in Greece, Great Britain and France. In Indiana she got her degree in biology. She dedicates this book to Ismene and all the mothers who have lost her. Other books she wrote: Animal Dreams, Pigs in heaven, The Poisonwood Bible and a collection of short stories called Homeland.


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Mother- child relationship Theme: Love: Taylor finds out that she loves and respects people for different reasons. She loves Turtle and her mom for the simple reason that they are a part of her life. She loves and admires Mattie, Estevan and Esperanza because of their brave and resourceful minds. LouAnne is her confidante and therefor she loves her.

Explanation of the title

Turtle calls wisteria the bean trees because this plant grows bean like pods.


Introduction: Taylor decides to go into wide world after leaving her mom.

Initial incident: An Indian lady puts Turtle into Taylor's lap.

Rising action: Taylor continues her trip with Turtle on her side. After having arranged two flats in Tucson they meet Mattie. Taylor cannot afford any new tires at the Jesus. Is. Lord. Used Tires and so they are bound to stay in Tucson. They place an ad in the paper and come in contact with LouAnne who offers them to stay with her. Taylor now takes up a job at the used tire store. Taylor meets friends of Mattie, Estevan and Esperanza. Taylor has a crush on Estevan but never reveals this to him. At the doctors Taylor finds out that Turtle is three years old. LouAnne now finds a job herself. Taylor and LouAnne trust their neighbours Edna and Virgie to look after their children, Turtle and Dwayne Ray. When Edna, who is blind, takes Turtle for a stroll in the park Turtle gets molested. Because of this Children's services come to have a talk with Taylor and Turtle. During this conversation they find out that Taylor is not Turtle's biological mother.

Climax: Taylor hears that the Children's services office is planning to take away Turtle from her. LouAnne therefor advises Taylor to fight for Turtle.

Down going action: Taylor, Estevan and Esperanza go too Oklahoma because that is the place where Turtle is from. There they pass off Estevan and Esperanza as Turtle's parents. This works and Turtle is now being handed over to Taylor. A lawyer made it possible for Turtle to have Taylor, as her legal guardian.

Conclusion: All is well and Taylor rings up her mother and LouAnne to tell them about the good news.

Point of view narrator

Taylor tells this story in the first person singular.


Taylor: A young girl who leaves her home to escape from pregnancy. LouAnne: Is an abandoned young mother. Mattie owns the used tire and repair shop ( J.i.L). Estevan and Esperanza: are two illegal refugees from Guatemala.


The story takes place in Tucson, Kentucky and Oklahoma.


I found this to be a very nice book and I even recommended it to Sabrina who also enjoyed reading it.
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