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Stephen King

TItle of the book


Main character

Carrie WhIte

Description of the main character

Carrie is kind of a strange girl. She is always teased by the other boy and girls of her class and school. At home she has a very strange mother. Her mother is always speaking out sentences of the bible, and that has also a great influence on Carrie. Although not a posItive one. Carrie hasn't got much self respect and doesn't think she is beautiful at all. Her mother doesn't allow her to use or even have make-up and her mother hasn't ever told her something about the human body or sexual education.

Summary of the story

Already in the beginning of the book It becomes very clear that Carrie WhIte is always teased by her classmates. She is always very alone and hardly anyone pays any attention to her or her feelings. One day after gym all the girls go to the showers. Carrie doesn't want to shower. She thinks all the girls will laugh at her again. But since she is sweaty and all she goes showering anyway, but she is the last to go in. When she comes out, she is suddenly bleeding and the blood is running down her legs. Her female classmates al start to yell and laugh at her while screaming: 'Period, period!' Carrie has now had her first period. But because she hasn't talk wIth her mother or any other girl about this, she doesn't know what is going. Carrie now thinks she is going to die because she looses so much blood. The girls throw sanItary towels and tampons at her and yell that she must 'plug It in'. But she doesn't know what to do wIth It, how to handle the sItuation and she gets very scared by all the screaming and voices. Lucky for Carrie, at that moment her gym teacher Miss Dejardin walks in and sees Carrie sItting on the ground, screaming, yelling and crying. While the bell rings and the other girls go to their next class, Miss Dejardin explains to Carrie what she has to do wIth the tampon. After gym, Miss D. brings her to the principal. Together they decide that It is better for Carrie's sake that she goes home. So she does. When she arrives at home, her mother isn't there. Carrie takes a shower and goes to bed early that night. When she comes home, Carrie tells her mother what has happened at school. Her mother begins to scream that she would become child of the devil Itself if she would not pray extra hard this time. Then she puts her daughter in a closet and tells her to pray to God because she has sinned. The closet is 'decorated' to pray in and has a lIttle statue of Jesus in It. To that statue she has to pray every night for him to forgive her sins and giver her luck and happiness in her life. At school there is a girl named Susan Snell. She starts to feel sorry for Carrie. Susan sees that Carrie has been teased her whole life and realises that Carrie has done nothing wrong. She thinks that she does not deserve It to be treated like that the whole time. The next gym class Miss Dejardin announces that the principal has decided to take the Prom tickets from Sue and the other girls because of what they did to Carrie. In that way Sue can't go to the Prom but she thinks of a plan. She asks her boyfriend Tommy to take Carrie to the Prom, to make It up wIth her a lIttle. At first Tommy doesn't want to: he thinks It is a stupid idea and that Carrie is stupid girl. He would look ridiculous wIth her on his side. But later on he decides to do It because of the love for his girlfriend Sue. One nights Sue talks to her some of her friends about her plan of letting Tommy go out wIth Carrie. One of her best friends, called Chris, says It is a stupid idea. Sue isn't surprised that Chris feels that way, because she is the one that teases Carrie the most. Chris' opinion is that Carrie is stupid and that Tommy is far too good for her. But Sue tells her to shut up. Chris is very upset and mad about Carrie. She wants to ruin Carrie's Prom night and comes up wIth a plan. So, as part of her plan, her boyfriend Billy kills a pig and takes the blood. As planned, Tommy asks Carrie out to the Prom. Carrie doesn't believe Tommy in the first place and says she has had enough of all those stupid jokes. But Tommy eventually convinces her and they sort of have a date. When she tells her mother that Tommy had asked her out, her mother warns her. She tells that all the boys only want her blood and that she would become a the child of the devil. But Carrie goes her own way and prepares herself for the Prom already the same day. During the book It becomes clear that Carrie has some kind of gift. She has the (will) power to move objects. She goes to the library to find out what It is and to find out what It is called: Telekinesis. She is able already to lift a pencil and mover her desk as she thinks of It hard enough. Then It's Prom Night. Carrie shows her mother the dress that she is wearing. Her mother tells her again that she isn't allowed to go and that she has to pray again before It would be too late. But Carrie gets very angry at her mother ad yells to her that she thinks that she is old enough to make her own decisions. For the first time she uses her Telekinetic powers on a person: she forces her mother to stand back. Then Tommy is at the door to pick her up. In the meantime Billy had come up wIth a sort of system to drop a bucket of pig blood on top of Carrie. The only thing he has to do is to pull a rope while he is sItting under the stage wIth his girlfriend Chris. When Tommy and Carrie arrive at school, everybody looks at Carrie: they are all surprised of the nice way she looks and how wonderful she is dressed up. Later that evening, Chris is making sure that everybody would vote for Tommy and Carrie to be Prom King and Queen. Because only if Carrie would come up to the stage, they would be able to succeed Chris' plan. As Chris and Billy (and of course everybody else too) hoped, Tommy and Carrie are chosen to be King and Queen of the Prom. They go on to the stage and Carrie is enjoying all the posItive attention. Then Billy and Chris pull the rope and the bucket of pig blood is emptied. The bucket falls on Tommy's head and he is unconscious. Carrie is drowned in the blood and really furious by now. She steps outside and wIth her kinetic powers she shuts all the doors and systems. WIth her will power she turns on the sprinklers inside. The electric systems inside catch fire and many of the kids of school die in that flames because they can't go anywhere. After that, she concentrates again and makes the whole school building to collapse. Now everybody inside is killed. When the firemen come, she wants to prevent that the fire is extinguished. So she makes sure that they can't get any water from any place in the area around the school. During her walk home, she turns on the main gas-tap under the streets of her cIty and makes It explode. In that way, almost the whole town is on fire and many innocent people are killed. Not even Carrie has gone mad, but also her mother has. As she arrives home, her mother attacks her wIth a knife and stacks her in the shoulder. She kills her mother too, walks out of the house and sets It on fire. But the wound in her shoulder is too big and slowly she is bleeding to death. When she meets Billy and Chris after all this, she goes really insane. WIth her powers she throw them in their car. Sue is still alive and she knows that It must have been Carrie that set the whole cIty on fire. When she goes to her house, she finds Carrie dead on a parking lot.

The End

My opinion

I think Stephen King is a really good wrIter. I have read more of his books in the past. He proves to be a good wrIter by wrIting this book. 'Carrie' is great and makes you feel a lot of different ways of feeling during reading It: you feel sorry for her, there's action and excItement in It, you can really get into the story.

Optional assignment

Last night a whole town was set on fire. What caused the fire is the explosion of the gas pipes under the streets of the cIty. But they are well secured and It is strange that this could have happened. Also a school building is totally burned down and the dead bodies of many school children have been found. The police is investigating if there can be found any connection between the fire in the school building and the town.
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