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When Carrie WhIte was very young, three years old, something very strange happe-ned. A rain of stones fell from a clear sky on the house of Margareth WhIte (Carrie's mother). The reason had been: Carrie was very angry at her mother. Many years later, Carrie was sixteen years old, Carrie and classmates had been playing volley-ball. After the match they all took a shower. There were no private showers so they all had to stand in one room. Then all of a sudden blood runs down Carrie's legs. She had her first period. All the girls were laughing and Carrie was scared because her mother never spoke about "growing-up" and "Where-do-baby's-come-from-?". All the girls started throwing napkins and tampons. After a wile Miss Desjardin, the gym teacher came in and helped her up. On her way home she saw Tommy, a five year old boy, who was just biking on the other half of the street. He stuck his tongue out and sang a song about her. She thought: " Fall off that bike kid, push you of that bike and splIt your rotten head". Than suddenly he fell of his bike. When Carrie came home she was alone. When she was in her room she looked in the mirror. She hated her face and suddenly the mirror fell down on the floor...

Later that day she and her mother were in the living room. Carrie was sewing a dress. Her mother started to talk to her. She said she was a woman, just like Eve and Eve was a weak woman and so was Carrie now. They had to pray for there weak souls. Carrie didn't want to listen. She tried to explain to her mother that she had been scared but her mother didn't listen and kicked her. She said that Carrie had to pray for all her sins. Carrie said that she would make the stones come down again and her mother was quiet for a wile but she pushed Carrie in the closet to pray.

When Carrie's classmates were dressing for gym on Monday morning, Miss Desjar-din came in. (Carrie was not there). Miss D. was very angry wIth the girls. They were all very quiet except one: Chris Hargensen. She wanted to leave. That made Miss D. hIt Chris and Miss D. said "shItty....". That made Chris even more angry. Miss D went on and said they had been punished by the office: one week detention. If one of them didn't show up at the detention a three day's suspension was given and a refusal of the prom tickets. (Spring Ball was going to take place in a few weeks.) After Miss D. left Chriss was still angry and said to the other girls that the whole thing wouldn't be over by a long time.

Kelly FruIt Comay was a combination of a grocery, a soda-fountain and a gas station. Many kids of Ewen hang around there. So did Susan Snell. Once she met Chris and her new boyfriend Billr Nolan there. Chris said that she hated Carrie WhIte and the she was going to crash the Prom, " as a protest or something". Sue became angry wIth her and felt sorry for Carrie.

Sue got an idea. She wanted Carrie to feel comfortable and not a kind of fifth wheel. She wanted her boyfriend Tommy Ross to ask Carrie to the Prom. First he didn't want to but finally he asked he out, not because he wanted to but because Sue wanted to. Carrie loved to go wIth Tommy.

Carrie had a beautiful self-made dress for Prom Night. Her mother hated It. She hated the colour and that people could see her breasts. She wanted to burn the dress. As Carrie didn't want her mother to do that her mother started hurting herself. Still Carrie didn't want to take of her dress. After a while her mother went on her way to work.

Tommy had said he would pick her up at seven thirty. Carrie's mother was praying in the chapel. Carrie was worried because It was a few minutes past seven thirty. She thought that Tommy would never come. Then the doorbell made Its cry. She opened the door and after she and Tommy looked at each other. Tommy said Carrie was beautiful. When they arrived everybody was staring at the dress.

The night before Billy went to Ewen wIth the two buckets of pig blood he and his friends got from a pig. He went trough the window of the gym and hang the two buckets right above the throne where the King and Queen would be placed the next day.

Billy and Chris arrived at the parking lot. Billy told Chris that she had to pull the rope when the school band was playing. Thát was when they ( Tommy and Carrie ) were on their thrones. When Chris had done that she had to run. Billy would have got the car by then and they would drive away.

Everything went as planned. It was nine-thirty and that was the time everybody would vote. When all votes were collected there were two couples who had the most votes. Frank Grier and Jessica MacClean ánd Tommy and Carrie. There was going to be a run-off. Everyone had to chose between them. As planed Tommy and Carrie won. They said down on their thrones and the school band began to play. Chris pulled the rope and the two buckets fell down right over them. Carrie jumped of the stage and ran out of the gym because everybody was laughing. Carrie came back in the gym but now everybody stopped laughing. The door slammed shut and locked ( All the work of Carrie). Everybody was screaming now. Suddenly It started to rain in side. One of the band members tried to prevent the mike and the boxes of any damage. He was too late and couldn't let go of the mike. Smoke came out of his shirt....

Sue, who stayed at home because Tommy was wIth Carrie, heard the town whistle in Main Street. She got her mothers car and drove to the school. When she was half way the school exploded. Carrrie went really insane now and blew the town gas stati-on. A few minutes half of the cIty was on fire. Carrie was on fire to. She died.

Many years later a mother wrote a letter to the sister of Carrie's mother. She wrote that her daughter could lift marbles wIthout even touching them. She remembered the story and thought that her daughter would be a world beater some day. What would happen to the world...?
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