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young mother


Christine(chris)=the elder, 20 years, very pretty,clear blue eyes,fair hair and a small good-tempered mouth.

Patricia=16 years, the same colouring, but she was anything but tidy.

her round face was pale, only when she smiles which she did very rarely, she really seem to come to life.

Jack= 14 years, blue-eyed, mother is always proud of him but not of his sisters.

mother always wanted a boy and he is very special to her: he looks like her his sisters look too muvh like father.

the parents of jack,chris and pat are divorced.the live by mother.

Paul=is the man chris was going to marry.

Mrs.Hensley=the mother of jack,pat and chris

Wilkinsons=the family were Pat is going to

during her pregnancy.

Colin=the boyfriend of Pat, but he isn't the

father of the baby.


Pat tells Chris that she is pregnant, because she is afraid to tell her mother it.

Chris tells her mother that Pat is pregnant her mother is very upset and said that can't keep the baby.

She tells that after the baby is born Pat can come home, but the baby not.

The father of the baby isn't Colin the boyfriend of Pat.

she tells that it all happened at a party by Cynthia ( a friend of Pat).

Pat drunk something,Cynthia said it was only cider, but afterwards she told a man might have topped it up with something else.

It was very hot of the party and Pat drinks a lot.

She wanted to sleep but the man all started

chasing after the girls.

The man who had sex with Pat is married with children.

Pat has take some pills (suicide),but it didn't help.

Pat has go to the doctor he said it is better that the baby will be born at home, but her mother thinks it is better for Jack's sake if Pat doesn't keep the baby and go away with the baby.

The father and mother of Pat are divorced.

Pat's baby begins to grown and she had to left to a mother-and-baby-home.

In the days before Pat left home to go to the mother-and-baby-home she goes to the family Wilkinsons Miss Wilkinsons is very nice to her and she wishes that she could stay there for ever, she has never felt that way before.

Pat has soon to go to the hospital near the mother-and-baby-home and go back to the house afterwards with her baby.

When Pat goes to the house she gets a blue blouse of Miss Wilkinsons these blues is very important for Pat, a link with her future or a remind of Miss Wilkinsons.

In the house there are a lot of girls of Pat's age.

there are many rules in the house her mother doesn't want Pat to see her baby.

But in the house there is a rule that mother and baby are kept together for at least six weeks it gives her a chance to make up her mind.

A good friend in the house is Bobby (Beatrice) she is also having a baby.

She tols Pat that her boyfriens was killed by a accident ( Motor).

Pat was still sure thet she wanted her own child adopted.

Pat gets a soon (John).

He looks fine it's give Mrs.Henley a pang to see her first grandchild but she has no intentions to bring him home.

Pat begins to love John.

Suddenly dhe knew John was part of her, he depended on her and that she can't give him away.

Pat goes back to the house and a couple comes and want to adopt John

(Mr.and Mrs. Barlett).

Pat walks away and goes to the family Wilkinsons she may stay a couple of days.

Mr.Wilkinson think's it's not good ( he was prepared to give her a 2 months trait but the circumstances are different) and she has to leave, because everything goes wrong.

After much thinking she left the family Wilkinsons and let Mr.and Mrs. Barlett adopt John.

Chris and Paul marry and everything goes all right.

Chris gives Pat a letter from Mrs.Barlett.

In the letter stand that she thinks of the mothr of John very often and that she hopes that she will find one day happiness and that she will take care of John very good and that she loves him very much.
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