Boekverslag : Philip Jennings - The Dome
De taal ervan is Engels en het aantal woorden bedraagt 1274 woorden.


Philip Jennings

Jude is a boy who lives in a Dome together with his brother Jason and his mom and dad. He loves robot maintenance,flying cars,highflyers,the Rools,and a lot of other stuff. Jude is still on school and he likes a girl in his class named “Londa”.

When Jude past his school he has to do his “tour of duty”. On one day he goes to the supermarket with his parents and behind the supermarket he mets Brig.He has catch a spider from above the Dome ! his parents sais it’s all nonsense and that he musn’t believe it,but he does and he is still interested. The days goes by and finanly “the big moment” comes : Jude’s tour of duty starts ! He goes by a Rool on his tour and he’s just driving and than he sees a few robots who are broken down.He fixed them and went on.But when he gets to the junglestrip he meets Brig again. They talk a littlebit and Jude decided to go further with Brig on his tour.Brig wants to find out what’s behind the Dome ! There must be another world or something.The next day early in the morning the are going to prepare there tour. The get all there stuff together and Brig showed “TOK” to Jude. It’s a robot build by X1 and made of metal.He is very smart because he has a lot of options; he can find things you ask for,he has a laserarm,and in his left shoulder you can recylce urine to drinkwater ! And a lot of more kind of things like that. Jude and Tok and Brig walked a few miles and than the got tired.Jude and Brig do some exercises to stay awake and Tok sais : I’m not tired i could go on forever! Brig tells to Jude that he went on a day to the museum ! That’s only ment to be for the heads (who are very smart people from the Dome) So he has did a crime ! He told also he has seen a lot of intresting things in the museum but he has never told someone before. After a while when Jude,Tok and Brig have walked another few miles they deciced to stay over that night at the nature and settle there tents and go to sleep.The next day they walk on and the reached the dessart !

In the dessart the met a man called “blarb” he lives in a cave in the dessart and he is a very strange man. He calls Jude en Brig all the time “peacefull domers”. Blarb has lived in the Dome too but he went to the cave for some reason ? He has a strange wissle while he’s talking and a cackling laughter. He eats mood plants and that’s

Something like drugs. The next day Brig and Jude will go further on but now the ‘re going to sleep again. The next morning they walked again a few miles and than suddenly Tok stopped,he sais there are coming robots,876 paces. It was the robot

Militia. Tok must attack them with his laser but he can’t than Brig and Jude must do it by themselves! Brig gets his harpoon and tries to attack but they attack him so he is wounted and hurt. Jude tries to help Brig and he fall a sleep. A few houres later he wakes up and he’s getting better! They move on and than they reaced a gate of something like a wall !! Maybe it’s the end of the Dome and the beginning of a new world! Jude can open the gate with his fingers and a code he has found.Then there inside! Tok has to found out if humanoids can breathe in the “Greater world”. Yes!

They can !! There were a lot of rocks and the air was light. There were also a lot of

Trees and birds ! The eat a little and than went to sleep. When they woke up the next morning they remember the’re in the greater world. Than the meet suddenly a lot of

People.they are multi-coloured! Some of them have red arms and golden body’s or green ones! It is very strange and Brig decided to lay his harpoon down.Then they do the same,peace ! The people are touching Brig and Jude and the talked a strange language.It looks the same as the language as Brig and Jude’s but it is not the same.

Then Brig sais : “They are speaking backwards!” But they can speak forwards to!

They introduce themselves and they became friends. They showed them there village, and a litttle woman tells her name is “Opi” .She is the leader of the village.

And her sister is called “ Blooma. And there’s a crazy man called “Grey”

They tell also about there enemy’s “the horseman” Those are little durty man riding on horses and attack the land from Opi and murder a lot of people !

Fast they all meet eatchother and become friends together.

There life over there is wonderful and even Brig and Jude love it there ! the only probleme are the Horseman they can take over the village every minute of the day.

Al the Opi-people are afraid of the horseman but Jude sais he wants to fight for them if he must do it. On one day he falls in love with Opi and opi falls in love with Jude,

Brig has also found a nice woman,the sister of Opi..Blooma ! They deciced to merry

As soon as possible.

On one day Brig comes to Jude’s home and tells him he wants to go back to the dome and tell al the people about this village,he asked if Jude wants to go with him but Jude deciced to stay with Opi.

But Jude has to fight (with Tok)against the horseman IF the are coming ? Brig and Blooma are merried and the next morning the go to the Dome together.Jude en Opi are merried to but the stay at the Opi-village. Suddenly when Brig and Blooma are away,the horseman attack ! Jude is on his one ! Only Tok can help him !

Jude had made the laser in the arm of Tok ! And he pointed his laserarm to the horseman (They have a leader called :”Jard”) They all fall from there horses but only Jard is still fighting and a few man of him.When Jude sees nothing Jard attacks him on his back.he has a big wound with a lot of blood. Opi comes to help Jude and she takes a knife and killes Jard. Jude is unconsious….

Meanwhile Brig and Blooma are at the Dome and the Domers are all scared because

Blooma is multi-colourd and Blarb is with them too !! There’s panic !

But a head remembers Brig and tell all the people to calme down.Brig tells about the greater world and about Jude and Opi. And all the people are listing !

Suddenly Jude wakes up and he’s lying on a stretcher,one held by Brig the other by Tok.Blarb and Blooma and Opi and Grey are there already. Brig sais : It’s over Jude get some rust !” We are going to a safe place,but there was no save place in this world. But the savest place is there where the trees stitch the earth together.

The went back to the Greater world and the decided to tell these stories round a friendly fire,shortly after there bellies are full and the stars are blinking.

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