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Brave New World


Aldous Huxley

1931, 1996, 220 blz.

The book Brave New World is a futuristic book. It’s nice to read because it’s very different from other books. For me is it the first time that I have read such a futuristic book. But I liked it. The writer has tried to warn the world for the growing industrialisation and science. The book plays in a very high-developed world, but it is not a nice world. All in the book is written sober, but that is very originally and I liked that.

The book reminds me to the movie Highlander II. In that movie is the same situation as in the book: The world has almost died. I like such kind of books/movies, but you can hardly find it. So when I read the backpaper of the book, the book looked great to me, and it was.

A nice point of the book was it’s own counting of years. The book does not count in After Domini, but After Ford. With this example you can see that the writer has used his fully freedom and imagination. This gives the book a nice effect.

The book also scared me a little. All human beings are mass-produced. There was something that creates them like a sort of God. The idea that that ever is going to happen takes hold of me. I cannot imagine that this ever will happen to the earth, at least I don’t hope so.

Also a nice point is that there is a place were the people live like the old habits. But when one of them (John) must go the New World. There he misses his old society and hates more and more the New World. He tries to better the New World but he failed and he commits suicide.

This experience looks in the first place great. (I liked the idea of changing society to a high civilised). But when you see the bad points of it, you can imagine that the main person hates it, because he’s, not used to it. (It’s like timetravelling: than you can come in a high-civilised time, too)

A bad point is that the book is difficult to understand. Not difficult to read, but to understand how the system in the New World works. Example: who’s the boss, what are the habits of that New World, What can you do/say and what not.

After all I liked the book very much, especially because of his originally. I can recommend this book to other people and I think they like it or they hate it. I don’t think there’s something between it.
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