Boekverslag : Paul Gallico - The Snow Goose And Other Stories
De taal ervan is Engels en het aantal woorden bedraagt 297 woorden.

First Story: The Snow Goose:

It was the spring of 1930. A man bought an old, empty lighthouse. The man called Philip. The people in the village didn't liked him so very much. Because he was a hunchback. He had a a left arm who was twisted and his left foot was bent like a birdfoot. Some day a girl walked into Philip's door with a swan. The swan had a broken wing, cause it had been shot. Philip made the bird feel better. Years passed. One day there was called for somebody to help the army. Philip offers his help. He died there. And the girl from the swan, who was already grown up woman, knew that she loved him.

Second story: The Enchanted Doll:

This story is about a doctor, who bought a present for his niece. His name is Stephen Amony. So about the present: he bought a doll. The doll had a very sad, but a beautiful face. Stephen want to find the maker of it. On one of his visits he find the girl. The girl named Mary. She was locked up from her ant. The docor fell in love with her. And then they get maried. They get two adorable children.

Third story: The Silver Swans:

A docor named Horatio Fundoby met a girl, while he was walking tru the docks. The girl called Thetis (her real name was Alice), who was searching for her True love. The next day, there was a man sailing next to her boat and she fell in love with him. But he didn't see her as his true love. One evening Horatio was invited for watching a play: 'The Unwanted'. Thetis was the 'Unwanted'. The docor visited Thetis the nect sunday and he saw Thetis together with her true love...
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