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The American elections and the influence of these elections on America and the world.

A few weeks ago, on the 2nd of November, the presidential elections were held in America. Bush got elected for the 2nd time in a road so that means he’ll be the president of the United States for 8 years. It is possible to do a lot of things in 8 years. Huge things: good or bad.

But what did Bush do until now? And are the results of his actions as good as some think it is? Thanks to what did he won the elections? And, most important thing, what do his ideas stand for?

Like his father, George W Bush became the president of the USA. His father was responsible for the first Golf-War and he started the 2nd one. Could it be possible that he wanted to finish his father’s work?

I have to admit that Bush seems to have a lot of charisma and that he has the looks of a leader. It’s also thanks to his appearances that he won the elections.

I can’t follow Bush in his ideas of war, although they mean an important evolution for the economy of America.

Bush stands for power, money and modernisation. My problem with Bush is that he wants to obtain a strong economy for America on the expense of other countries.

For example: I think he attacked Iraq under a false pretext, namely that Iraq would be in possession of mass destruction-weapons. I believe he just used this as an excuse to have the possibility to appropriate the oil-industry of Iraq to himself.

Isn’t it ironic that the weapons Bush bought to fight against Iraq were all bought from the weapon-company of his father? And isn’t it strange that the only companies who had profit of the war against Iraq, were his own?

What also deranges me is the fact (because meanwhile it is proved!) that he didn’t win the previous elections democratically. Millions of – liberal – votes were lost; forgotten, etc.

It’s not normal that the American youth has to fight against a country that never did something wrong against the USA. Besides, America had to falsify some documents they needed to acquire international help. (This help was necessary for the war in Iraq.) Everybody new that this war didn’t make any sense, but Bush wanted to evoke a war so he got one.

Bushes ideas are ideas of protectionism. (There is no import or the taxes of import are very high. The export instead is stimulated a lot!) It’s thanks to him that the worth of the dollar reached the lowest level in years. And that is positive for America, because if they would have to sell their products in Euros they would lose money, etc. But the countries where the export-products go to, make loss.

The only thing we could ask ourselves now is…where will it stop? He sacrificed his own people and the nation of Iraq for a war with no grounds. There has never been a mass destruction-weapon in Iraq! So …where will it stop?!
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