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The Old Man and the Sea


Ernest Hemmingway

Main Characters

The Old Man - An old man who is a fisher

The Boy - A boy who helped the old man but is now working for another fisher.


The old man and the boy were 84 days on sea now but they didn't catch any fish. The boy went to another fisher because his parents want to. They sit now on the Terrace and the boy offers the old man sardines for his next fishing trip. The man accepts only half of the offer. The boy goes with teh old man to his home and talk a little about baseball and other things. The old man dreams about lions on the beach of Africa. The next morning the old man wakes the boy and they go to harbour with the gear needed for the fishingboat of the old man. The old man goes to a fishing place far away where he hopes to be lucky. A bird comes above him after he put out his baits. He tells him there are fish in the area, dolphin. There is also a big fish in the area. The bird leads him the way to the big fish. Then the fish is sniffing on the sardines on the baits and after a few times he takes it. The old man feels it is a big and mighty fish. The fish swam away then taking the old man's skiff [lichte zeilboot] with him.

The old man is happy the fish doesn't go down but travels away. After a few hours the old man can't see Havana anymore. He wishes to have the boy with him to help him and to see all this happen.He has never had a fish acting so strange. In the night he takes some of the other baites and cuts them of so he has more line for the big fish. Once the fish acted strange and the line cut the old man above his eye. He feels the fish good at the line. He can't put the line on something because it would brake then. The fish aint traveling with the current [golf stroom] wich shows he isn't tireing yet. A small bird comes on the skiff so the old man has someone to talk to. Then the fish jerked [rukte] the line and the small bird leaves. His right hand began to bleed from the line. He holds his hand in the water and noticed that the fish has slowed much. He has cathed another fish already before this and will eat some of it now. He trows the restants away. He chewes good on the fish. He says his hand must come back to strengt.

he says he will do a lot of Hail Marys and Our Fathers if he will catch the fish. He's theinking about baseball and after that he's thinking on his time when he was the best in pulling hands [handje drukken]. Then he takes a dolphin on another bait. The old man wanted to sleep a little but that is impossible because he has to hold the line. Then he opens the dolphin and finds 2 flying fish inside, they are verry nice to eat raw. He ate some of the dolphin and one flying fish. He cuts his hands and fingers more and more because the fish jumpes in the second night. He eats the oter flying fish. The big fish starts to make circles wich is a sign he is tiring, a good sign. After 3 turns the fish swims unther the boat and the old man can't believe he is that long.

After the next circle he moved the fish a little. By the next turns he moves him more and more on his side so he can almost put the harpoon in. But the old man loses strengt and in the last time he wants to try he pushes his harpoon in the big fish and the fish jumpes next to the skiff and the old man can now see how big he is. The fish is too large to bring him aboord so he ties him near the skiff and is heading home. The old man didn't needed a compass for that. Then a shark comes on the smell of the blood of the big fish. The old man sees him and gets his blooded harpoon and attacks the shark when is close and kills the shark. The shark took the harpoon too. The old man lashes his knife on an oar [roeispaan] so he is armed again. He eats a little of the big fish and it is nice. After 2 hours there came two more sharks wich attacked the fish and took about a quater of it before the old man killed them. There are some more sharks, the first he kills but he took about the half of the fish. But he hasn't got enough strenght to kill the other fish and his knife broke and he can't see them because it is dark again, so the sharks took the whole fish. In the third night he arrives in Havanna again. He is very tired, but he takes his mast and goes to his home wich is on the hill. He rests about 5 times on the road. When he is at his home he fells asleep immediately.

The next morning the boy looks throug his window and sees the old man asleep. He gets some coffee and wood to heat up the coffee he is crying. There is a storm so the other fishers aren't fishing but looking at the skelleton wich is the biggest they ever saw. The boy wants to fish again with the old man. The old man falls asleep on the road and dreams about lions.

About half the story the old man starts to think more and more strange.
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