Boekverslag : John Saul - When The Wind Blows
De taal ervan is Nederlands en het aantal woorden bedraagt 2867 woorden.

Year of first publication : 1981
Number of pages : 348


1: Explain why you chose the book:

I was told that John Saul is a very good writer so thats why I read a book of his.
The title sounded very mysterious to me. It made me curious about how the novel would be.

2: What is your opinion of the novel:

The novel was very exiting to me. The story was written in a way that you really had compassion for Christie. The thing I most liked about the novel was that the more I read the more I became to know. What I mean to say with that is that that during the book more and more mysteries were being solved. But until the last pages you don’t find out what really is going on. In fact, I still dont know exactly what precisely was wrong with miss Edna and miss Diana.

3: Give an extract of the plot:

The story begins when the father of Christie Lyons dies. He died working alone in the mine which was situated on the Amber’s property. Because Christie doesn’t have any family left now (her mother died too) she is going to live with Diana and Edna Amber. Edna isn’t happy whit it but Diana insists on letting Christie stay in their house. Christie gets the room on the third floor, the nursery. In the beginning she likes living with the Amber’s. But after a while she notices some things. For example that miss Edna doesn’t like her at all, in fact she wants to have Diana al to herself and she wants Cristie to leave. Also Diana is acting pretty strange. Most of the time she is very nice to Christie but when the wind blows she starts acting weird. She beats Christie for no reason. Christie is never allowed to cry. According to Diana good girls don’t cry. When the wind stops blowing Diana becomes nice again and she doesn’t remember a thing of what happened. Christie becomes very scared of the
Strange behaviour of Diana. She is always afraid of doing something that makes Diana grow angry at her. During the book a lot of people die. At first a chicken which Christie brought into her room because she was lonely. Also the horse which Christie took care of dies. One day Christie and some of her friend were going for a swim. They went to a pool next to the mine. Kim, who stayed wile the rest was gone home, drowns. Also an other friend of Christie dies, her name is Jay- Jay. She died when she and Christie sneaked out to go to the mine to see if the water babies did really exist. The people in Amberton get real scared, no one knows who killed the kids, but most of them suspect that the Amber’s got something to do with it. At the end of the story appears they were right. One day Diana, Christie and her friend Jeff went camping near the mine. When the wind starts to blow, Diana starts to act weird again. She thinks Jeff is trying to hurt Christie and she wants to punish him for that. She beats him to dead. Christie escapes and Diana tries to find her. Diana comes near the mine, suddenly she hears a baby cry. She thinks its hers ( 30 years before Diana was pregnant, when the baby was born and was crying she took it to the mine and killed it.) and she enters the mine to make the crying stop. She dies in the mine. Now Diana is dead it appears that Diana killed all those children. But she was never aware of what she did. The wind made her act like this.
Twenty years later Christie returns to Amberton with her daughter to come live in the Amber’s house.


4:Looking at the title what kind of book did you expect:

I actually had no idea what about to expect about the book. According to the back of the book I thought the book might be fun to read.

5: explain the title:

When the wind blows miss Diana starts to act very strange. She does not know wat she is doing then. This is a very importent fact in the novel.

6; Do you think the title covers the contents of the novel:

Yes I do.

7: Give your own title which you think would better express what the novel is about:

I don’t say it’s better, but an other title could be ‘The water babies’.

Contents and meaning of the book:

8: Where does the story take place:

The story takes place in a little town called Amberton.

9: When does the story take place:

It isn’t mensioned in the book, but I persume it took place in this century

10: Write down 3 quotations (give page references) which according to you are essential to the meaning / message of the novel.

A: She would find her friend in bed, crying softly. When she asked Diana what was wrong, Diana would only look at her sadly and shake her head. “I had a nightmare” she would whisper. “i dreamed I was a bad girl and i got punished.” ( 137 )

B: “I warned you” she said softly. “Didn’t I warn you thet you hurt the things you love? “ ( 171 )

C: “Don’t cry, Jeff. Please don’t cry! “ ( 322 )

11: Explain for each qoutation why you chose it.

A: I think the way Diana was treated when she was a kid explains why she treats Christie in such a horrible way.

B: Diana loves Christie but she still hurts her.

C: Diana gets mad when children cry.


12: Give an extensive description of the main charater:

The main chracter in the novel is Christie Lyons. Both her parents died and now she lives with the Amber’s. In the beginning of the book she is a normal kid. Of cours she is sad because her parents died but she is pretty happy. Because of Diana’s behaviour she changes into a scared little girl. She is very insecure.

15: Fill in this charater chart:

Character traits : Christie Diana

Age: 9 around 40/50

Occupation: none take care of the range

Friends: Jeff ( died ) Daniel
Kim ( died )
Jay-Jay ( died )

Maritel status: - single

Financiel status: not important proberbly rich

Familie background: Both parents died. Father died when she was born
No brothers or sisters. Mother Edna

Like: Most of the time she Her behaviour when the wind was blowing
tries to stand up against ( how it was discribed )

Dislike; - The way she trieted Christie.

5 words to discribe her: brave nuts
scared scary
lonely lonely
honest traumatised
beloved mean


16: List the differences and simelarities between this novel and two other novels you read by filling in this chart:

When the wind blows Carrie Plague dogs

Subject: metaly disturbed women telekinesis 2 dogs escape from E.R.S.

Atmosphere: scary and misterious sceary adventurous

Style: misterious horror adventure

Message: none treat people with treat animals with respect

Preference: Plague Dogs

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