Boekverslag : Wendy Hall - The Mystery Of The Sleepers
De taal ervan is Engels en het aantal woorden bedraagt 1105 woorden.

Schrijfster: Wendy Hall

Titel: The mystery of the sleepers


Robert Redding: This man is the father of Jane and David ^ Redding.

He’s the head of an important laboratory.

Jane and David Redding: Children of mister Redding

Mr. sleep also called Mr. S: This is some very strange guy and know one knows who he is.


The story is laid in England.

It al starts in the home of the family Redding. Mr. Redding going early to work.

You have to know that Mr. Redding always losing his right-hand gloves.

And the same thing happened this morning, Mr. Redding know has 6 left-hand gloves but no right- hand gloves.

Jane suggest that here dad have to go to the lost property shop. Dad thinks this

is a good idea so he did.

But when dad and Jane lefts the house and David turned on the sports-news at half past eight there was a announcement about a teachers strike that has started at midnight.

The strange thing was that the family Redding has listened to the news at eight o’clock and there wasn’t a word about the strike!!

But David reassure mum that the news always sad the truth so Jane would be back soon.

And know the strange things begins to start!

At eight thirty-two all the telephones at the radio house began to ring.

On one phone there was a headmaster that says that there isn’t any teachers-strike!

On another phone there was Alan Wills, chief news editor. He sad he was called by the Minister of education, he was very angry about this journal and would know how this could happened.

And that was the big question: How could this happened?

That is what Alan wants to know so he’s gonna try to find out, he starts to go to the Radio-house and what he there finds is very strange, every-one there is asleep!!

Alan was a bit afraid, because ^ maybe they where sick!!

So he called a doctor.

Twenty minutes later the doctor arrived. Alan told the doctor what happened.

The doctor examined all four men. None off them woke up.

There are allright the doctor said. they’re probably been drugged.

But how???

And if they been drugged who read the bulletin about the teachers-strike??

Alan and the doctor just can’t understand it!!

A few minutes later one off the men, John Sharp woke up.

John was surprised to see Alan and the doctor, he asked them what was happened.

Then Alan said: “ that’s the same thing as we wanted to ask you!!

But first I will explain to you what we think that is happened.

Alan told John everything about the bulletin and that they think John was been drugged etc.

Then they ask John who read the bulletin about the teachers-strike, in the mean time the other three announcers also woke up.

John said he didn’t read the bulletin and ask the others if they read it.

“ Know we didn’t, we didn’t even hear it” they answer.

We must have all been asleep.

“Well then” Alan said: “ Who read that bulletin ?? ”

That evening Mr. Redding came into the house.

He tells that he and some other people on the laboratory were ask if they want to help the police with there inquiry, Mr. Redding sad yes to this question.

The next evening the family Redding go to a musical.

And…… In the theatre happened the same thing as in the Radio house!!!!

And the nice thing was that Mr. Redding know immediately can take his experiments etc.

And than follow a long time of strange tings, experiments and inquiry’s.

After a few days still know-one knows who the strange Mr. Sleep ( that had make a nickname ) is.

So they call in the help of some professional detectives, who are going to try to find out what’s happening.

And then some off the detectives find a right-hand glove on the roof of the Radio House, Mr. Sleep must have been lost it!

But know the detective thinks that Mr. Redding is Mr. sleep because he always lost his right-hand glove!

Mr. Redding have to do something to proof that he didn’t do it before the detective go to the papers!!

He didn’t know what to do, so he ask Jane and David for help.

They promised that they will find out who Mr. sleep is but did is harder to do then to say it!!!

But they sad that they should do it so they will!!

First they start to look very good to the glove and that they see a violet ink spot!

And almost know-one use violet ink these days so if they know who uses violet ink they maybe can find Mr. Sleep!!

They look everywhere in the shops and in tagbooks of museums etc.

And after a few days they find a shop that sells violet ink !

So they going to ask if they be allowed to know who buys that special violet ink.

And yes the shop owner says that there is only one man who buys that ink!

It’s a old man who lives near by the shop.

But he only came one’s a week and he just came yesterday so you have to wait six days to talk to him!!

“So long we cannot wait” they sad “but do you know what the name of that man is” ??

“No I don’t” :the shop owner sad.

So now Jane and David have to go find out on therselfs who Mr. Sleep is.

After 2 days they have found someone and call in the detective and a policeman and they go togheter to the house of Mr. Sleep.

The detective go inside the house to ask some things to Mr. Sleep.

But after 20 minutes the detective still isn’t been back so the policeman Go out to get a look.

And as have arrived by the house of Mr. Sleep he sees that the detective is asleep!!

Now it has to be trough that this is Mr. Sleep!!

So he’s going to get a mask and go inside but first he warning Jane and David.

Then he finally go inside and overmaster Mr. Sleep.

My opinion:

So this is the end of the story I hope you enjoy it.

I worked hard in it so I really believe that you liked it, I liked it because I think that this book is very exiting and thrilling!
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