Boekverslag : John Fowles - The Collector
De taal ervan is Nederlands en het aantal woorden bedraagt 2902 woorden.

Year of first publication : 1963
Number of pages : 288


1: Explain why you chose the book:

Some friends of mine read this book and told me it the story was quite good and that it was easy to read.

2: What is your opinion of the novel:

The story was easy to read. What I most liked was that you read how both mainpersons in the book experience the things that happen during the book.
The characters are very well described.

3: Give an extract of the plot:

Ferdinand Clegg lived in London. His dad died in a car-crash in 1937 when he was just 2 years old. Later he was told his father got an accident because he was drunk. After that, his mother went of with another man. His Aunt Annie and his Uncle Dick took care of him for the rest of his youth. He grew up with his two cousins. Mabel was a spastic girl and the boy went Australia in his early twenty’s, he never saw him again. When his uncle died in 1950 he be left with his aunt and his cousin Mabel.
In his early twenty’s Ferdinand won the lottery and got a few thousand pounds. He bought a big house, but he had just one dream: Miranda. Miranda was a twenty-one year old student of the art-school. He was observing for a long time. After two years he kidnaps her and kept her in his own cellar. He looked after her very well; he bought lots of the most beautiful cloths for her, painting stuff so see could paint, the finest food etc. At the beginning they made a deal: he would release her after one month. During that time the talked a lot and looked in painting books, she did some painting by herself and did some writing in her secret diary. At the beginning she was not allowed to see daylight, so after a few days she didn’t know it was day or night. First she thought Ferdinand wanted to rape her, but he was more interested in intense love. She had a lot of time for thinking; she missed her Mom, Dad and her sisters Minny and Caroline very much. Also her friends Piers and G.P. were always in her mind.
During the time she was locked up she tried several times to escape. One morning when he opened the cellar door she pushed so hard against it he got stuck between the wall and the door. Another time when she was allowed to write a letter she tried to put a tiny piece of paper with were she was on it in the envelope along. Later when Ferdinand was away during the day for some shopping she tried to dig a tunnel by getting some stones out of the wall; A few weeks later she tried to have sex with him. She was hoping he would release her after that, but he still didn’t want to. Also after the one month he was not even thinking of releasing her. Then killing him came in her mind.
Another few weeks later, half December she got ill very badly, probably pneumonia. He didn’t want her to go to a doctor. A few days later she died. First Ferdinand wanted death too, he wanted to be buried with her. The morning he planned his suicide he found her secret diary what showed she had never loved him. He didn’t want death anymore and he buried Miranda in his own backyard.
During those last few days he saw in his village a girl who looked like Miranda. She was not as pretty as Miranda, but he liked her. Later he found out her name: Marian, another M.....


4: Looking at the title what kind of book did you expect:

I didn’t really knew what to expect about the book.

5: Explain the title:

Ferdinand is a collector of butterflies. He catches the butterflies and then kills them to put them in a glass box so he can always watch them. He has the same plan for Miranda, who he kidnapped and for Marian. He wants to collect them, so he can look at them.

6: Do you think the title covers the contents of the novel:

Yes I do.

7: Give your own title...


Contends and meaning of the book:

8: Where does the story take place:

The story is situated in Lewes.

9: When does the story take place:

The twentieth century.

10: --
11: --


12: Give an extensive description of the maincharacters:

Ferdinand Glegg: He is a young man whose main interests are butterflies and photography. He is always justifying his motives and does not understand that he can not take away someone’s freedom. He loves Miranda so that he captures her. He really keeps her to just look at her, because he never even thinks of having sex with her. Ferdinand’s real name is Frederick, but he likes Ferdinand better. Ferdinand is the prince in Shakespeare’s play, so Miranda turns him into Caliban, who is the monster in the play.
Miranda: She is a talented art student. She is very smart. On one hand she hates her collector, but on the other hand she feels sorry for him and wants to help him. She gives Ferdinand a new name, Caliban, after character from Shakespeare’s play "The Tempest".

13: Give four quotations which you think best characterize the maincharactrers:

a: "You think I am mad because of what I have done. But I am not mad".(49)

b: I’m sorry I’m so suspicious, I said. It’s just that you’re all I’ve got that makes life worth living.(54)

c: I’m not going to die for him.(231)

d: Oh my God my God I could kill myself.(263)

14: Explain for each quotation why you chose it:

a: Frederick thinks everything he does is very normal and if you read the first part of the book, it is not strange at all to think that too. It has been written in such a way that everything Frederick does, is justified.

b: Frederick thinks he can’t live without Miranda. He is obsessed with her.

c: Miranda tries to be strong. She doesn’t want to be dependent on Frederick.
d: After a long time being kept in the seller Miranda becomes really desperate.

15: Fill in this character chart:

Character traits Frederick Miranda

Age +\- 30 +\- 20

Occupation collector student

Friends none G.P.

Marital status single single

Financial status won the lottery ?

Social status ? ?

Family background aunt and uncle in Mother and father
Australia no brother or sisters

Liked the way he justifies everything her courage to escape

Disliked ? ?

5 words coward courageous
selfish strong
caliban intelligent


16: Fill in this chart:

The collector Carrie

Subject man captures women telekinesis

Atmosphere appressive sceary

Style thriller horror

Message none treat people with respect

Preference: Carrie

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