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Book Report: Written work ‘ The catcher in the rye.

a. The title was inspired by a poem written by Robert Burns. The poem starts with ‘If a body meet a body coming trough the rye…’ bun Holdon made of it: ‘If a body catch a body…’

When Phoebe asked him what he would like to do later, he answered that he would like to be the catcher in the rye. Because when he heard the beginning of that poem, he pictured thousands of little kids playing games in a big field of rye and he would be the only grown-up. He would be standing on the edge of a cliff and he would catch everybody who starts to go over the cliff. That means he would be the catcher in the rye.

In fact, Holdon thought ‘If a body meet a body …’ was a song, because he heard a little boy sing it on the sidewalk once, a little earlier. That’s why that song staid stuck in his head.

b. The story’s about this 16years old boy – Holdon Caulfield – who’s thrown out from school because he didn’t do anything to get good marks. (He only passed English, for the other 4 classes he failed)

He only had to go home Wednesday, so he had 3days left before he had to leave Pencey (his old school) but he left on Monday anyway.

So he went to New York, slept in a hotel, paid a whore –but at the end, he didn’t have sex with her - , got totally bored, etc.

Than, all of a sudden, he wanted to see his little sister back, so he went home to see her and ‘broke’ in in his own house. He tried to avoid his parents who just came back from a dinner when he wanted to leave – he didn’t want his parents to know that he was thrown out of his school again -.

So he went to an old teacher of him – Mr. Antolini but he couldn’t stay there neither because Holdon thought the teacher was a pervert.

The next day, he went to his sister’s school to say goodbye because he wanted to leave and go west to make a new life there, but she stopped him, so he went back home.

c. Holdon seems to me like a psychopath or something like that. He’s totally irresponsible, crazy and stupid. I would never have done such things.

Maybe, I would also have left the school if I was kicked out, but I would have gone straight home instead of going to suspicious places that I don’t know.

An other example, I would never make the homework of someone else, certainly not when that person goes out on a date with the one I’d like to date with.

But the part with the baseball mitt that he got from his dead brother Allie who wrote some phrases down on it. That paragraph was rather emotional and sweet. But that’s the only example where I can understand is feelings.

d. So I left Mr. Antolini, I won’t go back there! He’s a crazy old madman. That man would have abused me or something if he would have had the chance to! Really, no kidding.

So I went down-town, because I didn’t have anywhere else to go, but I was still tired as hell.

On my way to the city I came across a car dump. It seemed to me like the ideal place to sleep, because there was nobody around to bother me.

So I got inside a car that looked the most comfortable at that moment, so I could get to sleep. It was freezing outside, but in that old car wreck it was quite cozy.

Unfortunately, at 4 o’clock a sunovabitch had to wake me up by pulverizing these cars with a huge machine that made a lot of noise. So I left, and started to walk again.

I was a bit hungry so I stopped at a night-shop to get something to eat. I wouldn’t buy much because I didn’t want to spend all Phoebe’s Christmas dough. I would just take a piece of chocolate or something like that, but when I entered the shop I noticed that something wasn’t right. A few seconds later I understood why I thought that. The salesman had is hands in the air and a man with a sock over his face pointed a gun on his head! I stayed very calm.

Firstly I wanted to turn around and run away but than I figured that they could shoot me down if I did so.

So I put my hands on the back of my head like the gangsters said. Than, I had a brilliant idea: I said:’ why don’t we stay calm and punt down these weapons? The gangsters – they were 2 – began to laugh with what I said. I didn’t meant to make them laugh but I used that moment to hit the gun out of the hands of the man who was standing next to me. The other one noticed my moves and shot me 3times in my stomach. They grabbed their money that they already stole out of the cashier’s stand and ran away. They left me bleeding to death. The salesman came to me when the coast was clear and asked me if I was still breathing. I was bleeding like a madman but the only thing I did was, I took Phoebe’s Christmas dough out of my pocket and hand it over to him. I said: ‘give this to my little sister Phoebe Caulfield and say her that I love her and that I’ll always be with her.’

After that, I died… It didn’t hurt me anymore, but there was blood all over the place. The salesman tried to reanimate me but it didn’t work out. My whole family was shocked when they heard the news, and my old schoolmates and schoolteachers at Pencey, Mr. Antolini and his wife, Stradlater and Ackley,… everybody was at my funeral.

So now, I’m in heaven, watching over my little sister. She cried much, but I was always there to consulate her. I found my brother Allie back! It was amazing. It really was. And what I do here is, each time a little kid goes near the cliff, next to the field of rye, I catch it. Now I really am the catcher in the rye!
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