Boekverslag : William Golding - Lord Of The Flies / Heer Der Vliegen
De taal ervan is Engels en het aantal woorden bedraagt 1838 woorden.


William Golding


Lord of the Flies


Faber and Faber



First published


The connection between the story and the year of first publishing is the threat of World War III (that, if it would come, would be a nuclear war).

Chapter 1

The boys meet each other on the island. The first boy we meet is Ralph. Together with Piggy he goes to find the other boys. The boys were passengers of a plane, as it crashed on the island. An atomic bomb has been exploded and they were taken to a safe place. On the beach the group of boys meet Jack and his choir. They organize an assembly with a conch. The boys chose Ralph above Jack as the leader of the group. Jack's angry.

Chapter 2

Ralph discovers that the boys are on an island. Jack and his choir hunt for the pigs, the only meat on the whole island. That's how they get their meat. The conch witch was used to call an assembly is also used as a sort of microphone; if you hold the conch, you may speak and everybody else must listen to you. The boys try to put things straight, they come to the following conclusion; they are on an island and they have nothing but each other, a few pigs, a crashed plane and some fruit. A 'little one' says he's seen a 'beast'. The little ones are afraid. The older boys say that everything is okay. Ralph says that they must put on a fire on the top of the mountain so that a boat can see the smoke and come to rescue them. They light the fire with Piggy's glasses. If they make the fire, one little boy disappears.

Chapter 3

To drink water the boys use shelters from coconuts. They build huts on the beach to sleep in. Ralph and Jack are still not very good friends; Ralph wants to go hunting with Jack and his choir, but Jack tells him he can't come. The little ones are afraid; they cream in their sleep. They dream of the 'beast'. The fire on the mountain seems to be too small to get the attention from boats. Meanwhile, Jack's getting obsessed by hunting, it's the only thing he talks about. Simon's becoming Ralph's best friend, he helps Ralph building the huts and collects fruit for the little ones together with Ralph. Simon is kind of a dreamer.

Chapter 4

Because the sudden succession of light and dark, it's difficult to adjust tot the rhythm of the day. The boys also see mirages. The boys get stomachaches and diarrhea; the foot they eat causes witch. Roger and Maurice, two of Jack's men, are teasing the little ones. This demonstrates the character of Jack and his men. Jack is still very busy with his hunters. They paint their faces in war colors so the pigs won't see them during the hunt. Ralph suddenly sees a ship, at least, that's what he thinks. The ship doesn't see the fire and Ralph blames Jack for it because the two guys who should have keep the fire burning, were going to hunt in order of Jack. Piggy agrees with Ralph and Jack beats Piggy up. His glasses are broken.

Chapter 5

Ralph has called another assembly. He's preparing his speech. It's dark when the assembly takes place. The place looks strange in the dark. Ralph thinks Piggy's smart, because Piggy can think. The purpose of the meeting is to set things straight; most of the little ones still think that there's a beast and the problems about the fire and the hunters most be solved.

Chapter 6

One night a sign of the adults-life came above the island. There was an airplane. It dropped a parachute above the island. The parachute landed on top of the mountain. That night were Sam 'n Eric on the mountain. They had to keep the fire burning. When they saw the parachute they ran down the mountain to Ralph. Ralph called an assembly. The twins told about the beast. In the morning Ralph and Jack and some others went looking for the beast. No one wanted to go first up to the mountain, except for Ralph and Jack. They went together.

Chapter 7

After that, they rest. Ralph really wanted to go home. They were all very dirty. They went further. They found a pig run and followed it. Ralph hit the pig with a spear, but the pig escaped. It became dark when they went to the mountain again. When they were almost at the top, only Jack walked further. After a while, Jack ran back. He was scared because he had seen the beast. They went all up to the mountain. Near the fire they saw a thing, sitting with his head between his knees.

Chapter 8

It gets worse between Ralph and Jack. Jack called an assembly. He said he's going to be on his own and he walked away. They couldn't make any fire up the mountain cause the beast is there. Piggy, who's being more and more accepted by Ralph, comes with the idea to make a fire on the beach. Not everybody helped him; some boys went to Jack. Jacks want's to keep the beast his friend so put a dead pig's head on a stick for the beast. Simon sees the head and stays with it. He calls it the LORD OF THE FLIES, because were a lot there of flies around the head.

Chapter 9

Jack asked everybody to come to his side of the island and have a feast with him. Everybody goes. So do Ralph and Piggy. When they came by Jack, they got some meat. Everything what Jack said happened. It was all power at him. That night it rained very hard. Simon, who was very exhausted, went down to the boys; he told them that the beast was no beast but a dead person on a parachute. The boys, who were dancing around a pig-head, thought Simon was the beast and thy killed him in their dance. Piggy and Ralph didn't dance. When the came some wind, the man with the chute was blown down the mountain. They thought it was the beast.

Chapter 10

Ralph accepted Piggy totally. They were talking about what happened the other day. Ralph didn't felt well about it, but Piggy said it was an accident. Now, everybody was at Jack, accept for Ralph, Piggy, Sam 'n Eric and some little ones. That night Jack came to Ralph's side of the island to steel Piggy's glasses, they wanted to make a fire to roast some meat. There was a fight in the dark. Jack took Piggy's glasses.

Chapter 11

Without his glasses, Piggy could hardly see anything. Piggy wants his glasses back and said that he's going to get it himself. Ralph is going with him, so are the twins. When they came to Jack's fort, Ralph warned him that there was no fire, so that they never could be rescued. Jack said that Ralph had to go, but Ralph staid and he called Jack a thief. Jack's people tied the twins. Jack started a fight with Ralph. Then Piggy said he wants his glasses back. Roger, one of Jack's men who was standing up the mountain, let a rock fall down on Piggy. It killed Piggy. Jack sent a spear to Ralph; it injured him at his chest. Jack also forced the twins to join his tribe.

Chapter 12

Ralph was now all by himself. Nobody was with him now. He went up to the mountain where he saw the pig-head. He went back to Jack's place. He called for Sam 'n Eric. They gave him a spear and some food and said him that Jack was planning to kill him. Ralph was going to hide in the thicket. The other day, the hunters were searching for Ralph. Jack burned the island to smoke Ralph out. When Ralph came out of the thicket, a naval officer was standing there, he thought Ralph was playing like Coral Island. Ralph cried for the first time they were on the island.


The story takes place on an uninhabited island in the Pacific Ocean, during a nuclear war.


The boys are all raised well. They are all coming from Great Britain; the most of them are coming out of little villages. Because there wasn't any parental supervision on the island, so almost everybody came into savage.


Main Character

Ralph is the main character of this story. Ralph is one of the oldest boys. He has blue eyes and blond hair. He is the chosen leader of the boys. He wants to make a fire, so trespassing ships could see it, so they could be rescued. He likes rules and he wants things to be organized. He is a real leader, but he doesn't like the responsibility of this leadership. He doesn't like fighting. Other characters

Piggy is called 'piggy' because he is very fat. He has asthma, which's one of the reasons why he has been raised very protected. He wears glasses and without them he almost can't see anything. He doesn't like working with his hands. He likes to read books and to think. That's why the others don't accept him. He's an outsider. But Ralph realizes that he can use Piggy's thinking. Piggy gets scared very fast and often. Jack only wants to hunt and to have fun. He doesn't have any feeling for responsibility. He's one of the older boys too. He wants to be the leader. He wants to have absolute power. I think he hates Piggy and Ralph.


Jack hates Piggy. He is always teasing him. Jack doesn't like Ralph either, because Ralph is the leader and he's not. They don't agree about things very much. In the beginning Piggy in nice to everybody, bur at the end, just before his death, I think he hates Jack. Piggy treats Ralph as a friend. In the beginning Ralph doesn't like Piggy, but at the end he likes him more and more. Ralph doesn't like Jack, but accepts Jack as the way he is.


The book is very exiting because there happen a lot of exiting things, like when Ralph is being chased by the hunters or when you thinks there's a monster on the island.

Kind of story

The story is a novel.


A third person tells us the story.

Explanation of the title

Jack and the other hunters think there's a beast at the island. So they want to give the monster a gift, so he wouldn't harm them. The gift is a head of a pig; they caught during the hunt. They put the head on a spear and put in the ground. But because it's very hot on the island, the head started to rot, what attracts flies, so the head is called The Lord Of The Flies.
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