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Lord of the flies

William Golding

The title

The boys are very obsesses with "the Beast". Their first on a pig is a tremendous experience for all of them. Simon is a quiet boy, after the others left the head of the pig he stayed. Looking at the pig's head full of flies he realizes the pig is the Lord of the Flies. He dreams about the head and it seems talking to him. It tells Simon to go to the others. On his way back with the head, he notices the parachutist who was believed to be "the Beast". He runs to the others to tells them but all caught up in their dance they kill Simon. The lord of the flies is also referred to the devil in the Old Testament. And it looks like the hunters are possessed by the devil the more the get caught up in their game.

The main characters

Ralph is a smart boy and knows they have to organize things to survive. Jack, however, isn't responsible enough but wants to lead their life as savages and hunt down all of them if necessary. Jack and Ralph are opposites of each other and that is just what the story is about. Just like their friends Simon and Roger. Roger is an executioner and hunter, while Simon is silent and withdrawn.

When and where does the story play

The story is played on an inhabited island, somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. It must be in the 70's or 80's because the boys are in a choir, but it isn't said what year it really is.

The themes

The story is about how opposites work on each other. In this case it's Jack's group who win. They were a group of schoolboys who turned in savages in an exaggerated way. They lost all their civil life until the British cruiser came to rescue them.

The actual outline

An airplane with boys crashed on an uninhabited island, but the plane went down in flames so nobody knew where they were. One of the boys Ralph uses a conch-shell found by his friend Piggy to get some organization in the group. His rival Jack wants to be the leader but the boys vote for Ralph. In order to calm Jack, Ralph gives him leadership of the group of hunters and provides them with meat. Ralph, Piggy, Simon, the twins Sam and Eric and some more boys build shelters against rain and wind. The hunters also have the responsibility of the fire they made with Piggy's glasses to warn any ships. But Jack's boys are to interested in the pig-hunting game and don't look after the fire. Jack broke on of Piggy's glasses because he was accused of not being responsible enough to keep the fire on, and maybe blew their change of being rescued. Jack and his hunters have become savages who paint their faces and are doing primitive dances. Ralph isn't successful with his attempt to organize, but finally he got the group together and his meeting loses interest because the 'Beast' in the jungle fascinates Jack's group. Ralph and Piggy are the ones who keep the shelters up and clean the place; the others gather fruit or go swimming. The smaller boys are forgotten by everyone, except by Simon, who is the only one that needs to be alone.

One night a dead airman lands on the island with a parachute. Sam and Eric saw the airman, but they thought it was the "Beast". Jack and Ralph, who hate each other more and more, went to the 'thing' but it was the parachute that was moved by the wind and they thought it was a huge ape, so they ran away. The boys explain what they saw but now Jack was declaring himself chief of an independent tribe of hunters. Ralph goes along with them on a pig-hunt. They leave the head as sacrifice for the "Beast". Simon goes to his secret place and the head, which is full of flies (he is the Lord of the Flies) seemed to 'speak' to him. It tells him to go back to the other boys. That's when he sees the mouth is opening and eating him. Simon faints.

When he regains consciousness he discovers on a hilltop that the "Beast" was an airman. He runs down to the beach to tell the others. Jack and his savages were dancing and Simon drops on all fours. They take Simon for the "Beast". They tear and beat him to death. Jack's group moves to a high cliff and leaves Ralph and the rest on the beach. For fire they need Piggy's glasses, so they went out to steal them at night. The next morning Ralph and Piggy went to Jack for Piggy's glasses. There, a rock Roger had pushed off killed Piggy. The conch in Piggy's hands is broken. Sam and Eric are forced to join Jack and Ralph was hunt down by them. Just when they were about to kill him, a British cruiser arrives to bring them home. The hunters were turned in schoolboys again.

My opinion

I didn't really like it, because it was so terrible. All the fear and terror Ralph had to go through. The story was well written and good but just not what I like.
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