Boekverslag : William Golding - Lord Of The Flies / Heer Der Vliegen
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Lord of the Flies

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Ralph and Piggy are two boys, who come on an island due to war circumstances. Piggy is very fat and he is wearing specks with thick glasses.

They find a shell on a beach, and if Ralph blows on that conch, it makes a very laud sound. Ralph blows the conch and many other children come to him. All the children choose that Ralph must be the chief. However, Jack wants to be the chief too.

Ralph says that they have to make a fire because if a boat is coming, they can be rescued. They use Piggy's specs and the sun to make the fire. Jack has to keep the fire going on. Piggy sees that a little part of the island is in fire. One person is lost after that.

Ralph and all the others build some huts on the beach. However, after the children have worked for an hour, they begin to play. Jack tries to catch a pig, but he does not kill it.

Everyone is getting dirty. Ralph has seen a ship at the horizon, but Jack forgets the fire. That night, the fire is burnt out, and that ship can not see them. Piggy is talking through everything, and Jack brakes one glass of Piggy's specks.

The very little kid's are afraid because they think there is a beast.

From the air, a man was dropped on the island. Everyone thinks that it is the beast. But the parachutist is a dead man (they do not know that).

Between Ralph and Jack, it does not go very well, because Jack ignores the rules. Jack walks away, but later he comes back because he has seen the beast.

The quarrel between Jack and Ralph is getting bigger.

Jack says that he is going to live on his own. A few boys are joining Jack. Jack has caught a pig, and he puts the head on a stick for the beast. Simon stays with the pig's head. After a time, Simon thinks that the head was talking to him. He calls it "the lord of the flies" because there were a lot of flies around the pig.

That evening, Jack has a party. Ralph and Piggy join it too, because of the meat. Jack and his men are dancing, and through their dance, they kill Simon, because they think that he is the beast. Jack is a sort of boss. When he says something, he gets it.

Ralph is the chief, but only Piggy and two other boys are with him. Jack steels the specs of Piggy, and Ralph tries to get it back. Jack kills Piggy, and a spear hurts Ralph.

Jack tries to kill Ralph too, and he burns the island to kill Ralph. On the beach is an officer, who thinks that Ralph is playing. Ralph cried for the first time. The officer says that he will get them off the island.



Ralph is a twelve years old boy. He is fair and the oldest on the island. He tries to be a good chief and take care of everyone. All he wants is getting off the island. The most important thing for him is the fire. That is the only method to be seen by others.


Jack is a very aggressive boy, who feels himself a real leader. He has no real feelings and the only person in his life is Jack. He kills boys of his own age, and that is not normal for a boy (or elder people). The problem is that the weak people are joining him.


The theme is, Children can form groups, and they can go very far in their 'games'. (They have a lot of fantasy). Children can not grow up without their parents, because without an adult, the groups get real leaders. Most of the leaders do not have a good character, but they are aggressive and masterful. The writer wants to tell that children are people too with their own feelings and problems. They can do things without understanding these things. Only a few children have something of an adult. They can understand things (for example that somebody is dead).


It was a nice book to read. I think that the writer is very capable to think as a child.
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