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(A) About the book itself:

(1) The title of the book I read is ‘Missing’.
(2) The name of the writer of the book is James Duffy.
(3) There are 139 pages in the book.
(4) The publisher is Oxford University Press.

(B) About the contents of the book:

(5) The story takes place in Wingate, New Hampshire. That’s a town in Great Brittain.
(6) The story takes place in the nineties, because there are cars and other modern things in the story.
(7) The story takes about four days. From Friday until Monday.
(8) The main character in this story is Katherine R. Prescott, but everybody calls her Kate. She’s 10 or 11 years old. She has light, brown hair, blue eyes, freckles on her nose and her height is about four feet (about 1.22 meter). She’s a little shy and she never wants to miss her favourite tv-program. In her past she ran away a couple of times.
(9) * Sandy Prescott, she’s Kate’s sister. She has a feeling that there’s something wrong with Kate. She’s two years older than Kate is, and she’s very upset about her.
* Mr. Atwood or Harry Bemis. He would like called Mr. Atwood, but his real name’s Harry Bemis. He’s the kidnapper of Kate. He kidnapped her because he lost his child-Sharon-years ago, she disappeared. He’s not violent, but Kate’s an obsession for him, because she looks like Sharon.
So, that’s the reason he kidnapped her.
*Agatha Bates, she’s an old (65) policewoman and she helps Kate’s mother and sister. She and some other policemen found out who the kidnapper of Kate was.
(10) At Friday, Kate came from school and she walked home.
Suddenly, a big, black car came behind her and the driver asked if she want a ride. She didn’t know him, but he knew her name. He began to talk about her mother (who worked in a restaurant) and that’s the way to get her trust.
She got in the car and he drove away. In the meantime, Sandy was getting worried and she went to the police.
First, they didn’t take it serious, because Kate has run away a couple of times, but Sandy didn’t have good feelings about it. When Kate didn’t went home that night, it’s getting serious.
Agatha and the police chef took a look and saw that it must be a large car and after question people from school, they found out that the driver was a big middle-aged guy and a businessman.
In the meantime Kate was all right, Mr. Atwood bought a television for her and during a walk she has almost escaped, but she felt.
He was angry, but he didn’t get violent.
Then, on Sunday, after a television report, the police received the registration number of the car and they found out that the kidnapper must be Harry Bemis.
On Monday, they went to Mr. Bemis. He opened the door but didn’t leave them (or Agatha who asked if Kate was inside) inside.
He said that Kate was inside and that she wanted to stay with him (what wasn’t true) and that she doesn’t want to talk with Agatha.
Than, he became angry; he took a plastic can and threw gasoline all over. It was getting dangerous, because if the police came closer, he would set it on fire. They couldn’t do anything.
Than, suddenly, Sandy went in the house. She talked alone with Kate and after that, she said that Kate wanted to stay in the house and she asked if Mr. Bemis would let her out. While he did, the girls jumped over Mr. Bemis and they were both out!
(11) This book is a kind of detective story, because they found out who’s
the kidnapper.
(12) The title ‘Missing’ explains the subject of the book and it’s the shortest summary of the book, I think. It can’t be shorter, but it could also be ‘Kate’s missing’ or ‘Who’s the kidnapper’. But I like ‘Missing’ even more.
(13) I’ve chosen these two pages (5 and 137) because they’re the most important pages of the book: the begin and the ending of the kidnapping. They’re also the most exciting moments of the book.
(14) I like this book very much, because it’s thrilling (when Kate’s kidnapping) and true to life (especially how Kate is feeling: sad and she has homesickness). The book is also not too easy but don’t too difficult too. But I think it’s a bit common, it’s not really original;
there are lots of books like ‘Missing’.
(15) I think I will give this book a 7. It’s nice and not too difficult to read,
but it’s a bit ordinary. I will recommend it to others, but also say that
there are enough other books about this subject.

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