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Differences between film and book

As I start reading the book , from page one I already noticed a difference , in the book Herbert Greenleaf met Tom in a bar and discussed the situation , in the film , they meet each other after a piano concert from tom . Other little differences for example is the dialogue and certain events , such as the friends tom had before he went to italie were never discussed in the film , and also his aunt , perhaps the only linving relative left of tom was also never mentioned . When Tom arrives in Mongibello he leaves his suitcases in the post office and goes to the beach , when he finally meets dickie , they don’t automatically let them stay with them like as in the film , but instead he stays in a hotel for a while. Other things that are not mentioned in the film is the fact that tom doesn’t really like Marge , and they meet freddy much earlier and that he and Dickie don’t go to a jazz concert , instead they visit Rome , the music hall , and other things that isn’t mentioned in the film . There are other small differences , but it isn’t all worth mentioning . A major diffence is off course the ending ; in the book he gets to Greece in the end , In the film nevertheless the story ends on the boat where he had killed his homosexual friend .

Different art forms between film an book

It is off course very logical that the film and book are different in many ways , in this case the film has an extra dimension that the book lacks , that is partly because of the magnificent musical score . Music is very important in films , in’The talented Mr Ripley’ you can feel the tension , you can see the emotions on toms face when he feels left out or angry and is almost ready to kill , you can not only see it by looking at the facial expressions on Tom but also because of the music , a brilliant performed piano score . As I mentioned earlier you can see the various emotions , you can feel the thoughts , and that is one thing the book doesn’t have . But in the book the thoughts of tom are far more detailed than in the film and you know what goes on in the head of Tom Ripley so you can see his motives and perhaps understand them better . That is also of major importance . The use of camera creates an other dimension , for example when tom kills Dickie on the boat the camera films it in such a way that you can sense the madness of Tom . It wasn’t necessary to use any special effect because it is just not right for this kind of genre . I advise people first to watch the film and then read the book .Then as you read the book you can see the faces and emotions of the characters and you get a detailed description of the thoughts of Tom Ripley


The main characters are Tom Ripley , Dickie Greenleaf , Herbert Greenleaf , Marge and Freddie Miles . They all contribute there roll in the plot and every character is important but Tom is more complicated and his thoughts and actions are far more important than the others characters. The story takes place in Mongibello , a Venice looking town , most of the dialog is set in Dickies house , the hotels and bars . There is only one storyline and everything happens chronologically , so no flashbacks or other forms of story telling can be found in the book . You can definitely say the it’s a psychological thriller with a brilliant plot that is so unpredictable and surprising that is no wonder that it was the most nominated book of that year . The story starts of pretty slow but once tom arrives in Mongibello and is the best friend of Dickie things take a sudden twist and he needs to kill in order to keep his fake identity .


I enjoyed reading ‘ The talented Mr Ripley ‘ because i had seen the film about seven times , and I always had known the film was based on a book , but unfortunately I had never found it . Three weeks ago or so I was walking in the library, and there it was, the book of one of my favourite films. When I started reading the book , I was already excited from page one because I noticed that the film started totally differently and it was like I was reading a whole new story with Tom Ripley , with new scenes , more dialog and more intrigue . The book is brilliant in every way , the writing is absolutely marvellous and also the characters , far more complicated and detailed . It’s not an easy book , once Tom starts his killing spree , it is sometimes hard to keep track of his motives.

Nevertheless it never has a boring passage or flaws in writing. Also very special about the book is the way of writing and how the author creates a sphere that ads a new dimension to the book. Sometimes it almost feels as if you are in Mongibello drinking a nice martini on the terrace, talking to Dickie while your enjoying a beautiful sunset . So you know , if a book can accomplish all that , it’s a classic and worth reading . In fact , I was so overwhelmed with this book , I am planning , if I find the time , to read it again . So off course , if you have read my evaluation , you know I would advise this book to everyone .
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