Boekverslag : Leonore Fleischer - Rain Man
De taal ervan is Engels en het aantal woorden bedraagt 463 woorden.

The book is basically about two brothers, one left voluntary and the other was forced to leave home. They never known the existence of each other, but when the father of the two sons dies, they meet. The older brother Raymond Babbit is autistic and lives his life, in an institution for people with a mental handicap, with the help of habits and rituals. Charlie Babbit is a determined man, with a strong persuasion power, who likes to take risks, and loves the smell of money. As I said before they meet each other at the institution, because Charlie’s father left his whole estate to a certain person who lives in that institution. So Charlie feels short and “kidnaps” Raymond. On the way to L.A. Charlie remembers his brother, when Charlie was a little boy he had an “invisible” friend called: Rain Man. The title is called Rain Man, because Charlie always called his brother the Rain Man, because he couldn’t pernounce Raymond. Raymond was send to the institution, because his father thought that Raymond tried to burn his younger brother. As I said before Raymond lives his live by habits and rituals, for instance he always has to see his programs, all the things he does are between all that programs if he doesn’t see the programs he freaks. When they are eating pancakes he prefers the sirop to stand on the table before he gets his pancakes. His incapability of understanding his own emotions and other peoples emotions follows with his strong capability of calculating, and Charlie who is in dept, has already found a destination for Raymond's gift, the Casino. After a while Charlie looses his desire for money and starts to care for his brother’s condition. Charlie doesn’t care for the half of his father estate and wants to have his brother instead, he thinks the society is the only cure for Raymond. At the end of the book Raymond goes back to Wallbrook, because Charlie comes to senses and think Wallbrook is indeed the best for Charlie and he promises to visit Raymond every week in Wallbrook.

I liked to read the book as much as I loved to see the movie, the irritating habits of Raymond are funny and I identified myself well with Charlie, everyone knows how irritating some things can be, you can say it’s a sort of malicious delight, that Charlie has an irritating brother. The fact that Raymond doesn’t realizes that himself, and the moment Charlie realizes that, the story becomes touching. This is one of those stories that isn’t losing quality when you read it twice or more, because the book’s qualities aren’t depending on the book’s originality, but it’s depending on the touching parts, and they will always contain there quality.
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