Boekverslag : Anne Fine - The Book Of The Banshee / De Hellekat
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The book of the banshee


This book is about a boy called Will, who compares his live with the live of a fictitious person in the book he is reading about the war.

Will lives together with his mum, his dad and his too sisters Muffy and Estelle. The live of the whole family is arranged by Estelle, she causes none-stop arguing and fighting. Will and his parent are really bothered but the most affected is there baby sister Muffy though she is four she still doesn't want to speak. One day Will go to the library and unlike himself he takes a book about the war. He takes it home and he can't stop reading it, every evening he reads a bit. After a while he starts comparing the book with his live at home with his sister as enemy. At home the situation only gets worse; however Wills mom and dad try to approach Estelle it's always wrong. The arguing starts early in the morning and goo's on till late in the evening. One evening there is the secretive meeting for parents of second graders. Will and is friend Chopper have planned to sneak into the school and overhear what the headmaster and his assistant have to tell the parents. So they do. Now they here were these meetings are about; they are all about teenage behaviour. Wills mum who is listening with the other parents now realizes that Estelle is running there whole live. She gets all worked up and is planning to have a serious talk to her daughter. But Will is fed up too. After a while of reading his book he has realized that the hero of the story isn't a real hero but a coward, instead of trying to stop the war de "hero" is trying to live with the it. That's exactly what they do at home instead of stopping Estelle, they try to live with her, so he has to stop it if he doesn't want to be coward too. He try's to get home before his mother and while waiting for her on the doorstep he starts talking to Muffy, but now he doesn't take nodding for an awnser, No he wants to hear words and by being strict about it he gets Muffy to talk again. Then he goo's upstairs to Estelle and starts shouting to her. Estelle is so flabbergasted that she doesn't say anything back. So when her mum came home she was willing to listen. Now, after all those months of arguing she finally admitted she was wrong. Their lives went on now like normal people.

Anne fine

Anne was born in the Midlands and lives in Edinburgh with her two daughters and all herb pets. She has written lots of price winning books like Goggle-Eyes and Guardian.
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