Boekverslag :  - Inhoud Film 'loch Ness' Ingezonden Door: Steven
De taal ervan is Engels en het aantal woorden bedraagt 511 woorden.

Loch Ness

The story begins in Scotland. Where an American scientist, Dr. Abernathy, does research about the Loch Ness Monster. On an evening, Dr. Abernathy does not feel well, he goes outside. He looks at the water and all of a sudden, he sees the Loch Ness monster. He was seized with fear, he wanted to run away, but he fell over a rock. He bumped his head, and died. But just a few seconds before he died, he made a picture of the monster. But nobody know it.

The story continues in America. They got the bad news about Dr. Abernathy. Dr Mercer, the head-master, send Dr. John Dempsey to Scotland, to solve the mystery from the Loch Ness Monster. John doesn’t believe that there could be a monster, so he wants to prove that there is no Loch Ness Monster. He takes the plane, and lands in Scotland. He meets at the airport Dr. Abernathy’s assistant. In his Hotel are all other “Nessie Hunters” scientists who want to solve the mystery. All the other scientists know John, so he decides to take an other hotel. All of a sudden, he meets a little girl , Isabel, who says: “You get room D.” and she points to a hotel. He goes inside and meets miss McFirtridge. First, she doesn’t want to give a room to John, but he keeps on asking. She finally gives him a room. Room D indeed. The next day he hires a boat and installs his computers and equipment. He searches for the monster, but the sensors on the boat don’t react on any movement from a living creature bigger then 10 meters. His assistant still believes that there is a monster. And there starts a fight. In the meanwhile John gets closer and closer with Isabel. Isabel wants that John and her mum become a couple. Then Isabel makes a drawing of the Monster, because she has seen it already. Then John realises that the boat doesn’t react on movements in caves. So he asks Isabel, where she has seen the monster. Isabel brings John to a cave and then he sees bubbles. Big bubbles, coming out of the water. Isabel warns John that they don’t like light. And then he sees the big monster. But wait, there is more, there is even a second monster! They are not cruel and mean, like the people say, but sweet and kind. John is so amazed, that he takes a picture of the two beasts. But the flash of the camera goes off. The monsters are scared, and go wild and they leave the cave. If he develops the pictures, he has a picture of one monster. He calls Dr. Mercer and he comes to Scotland. They go with the picture to London. But everyone from the village is against that. John goes after all to London. But he leaves the picture in the village. And he takes the drawing of Isabel instead. He goes back to the village, and everybody is happy, that the mystery is not solved.
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