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The Snapper


Roddy Doyle

First year publication



The story takes place in Barrytown, a north- Dublin suburb.


The time what passed is about six months. The story begins when Sharon is three months pregnant and the story finished when the baby has born.

Social circle

The family Rabbitte live in a working-class suburb with tiny houses. There are a lot of families with many children in the street. The fathers often go to the pub and then he and his friends will drink a lot. The father is also unemployed so they are not such a rich family.

Subject matter


The family comes closer to each other because the oldest daughter of the family has become unexpectedly pregnant.

Explanation title

Sharon is pregnant and no one knows who the father from her child is. In the pub they are often joking about who he is. One day a friend of Sharon’s father, says that the child is a Snapper. This is a child who is a bastard. So with the title they mean Sharon’s child.

Point of view

the story has told in the third person. Often the writer describes Sharon’s experience but sometimes he also describes the experiences of her father when he is in the pub.


The major part of the book consist of dialogues. The text is writing like you said it. For example: How are you? Become; Howyeh?

Short summary of the story

Sharon lives in a big family with two twin sisters and three brothers. One day twenty-year old Sharon tells her parents that she is pregnant. Her parents don’t like it but they decide to life with it. Sharon refuses to say who the father is. Because she says she cannot. The only thing she says is that he isn’t married but he also will not marry her. When Sharon is in her eleventh week the signs of her pregnancy start to show. Now she has to tell her friends. She won’t tell it because everybody will ask who the father is and that question she will never answer. Sharon tells her friends and they take it very well. But when her father had told it, George burgess said that Sharon was “a great little ride”. The next day Jimmy (her father) warns her. Than she visits Mr. Burgess, who is the father of one of her mates, Yvonne. She tells she will tell his wife if he doesn’t stop saying things about her. They were both drunk that night and they both made a terrible mistake. A few days later Mr. Burgess has disappeared from his home. He wrote her that he would carry for her and their child but Sharon hasn’t react on it. She decides to deny everything about George burgess. For her friends she makes up a story about a Spanish sailor, But the Barrytown community prefers the version with George Burgess, because it is a lot more spectacular. Jimmy had a heard time. He wanted that Sharon left the house for good. But Veronica (her mother) and the other children don’t want it so Sharon and her father made peace. Then the family are getting ready for the arrival of the new family member. A few weeks later the baby is born, it is a girl and her name will be Georgina. But Sharon will cal her George.


Sharon is a girl who is twenty-year old. Sharon is often a little restrained but sometimes she is very cheeky. She likes children but sometimes when she was pregnant she hate them (I mean her brothers and sisters). Because they were so noisy. She has many friends in the pub but she find that there is no one who is her best friend. A friend who she can tell all her problems. The friend she likes most was Jackie.
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