Boekverslag : Arthur Conan Doyle - Sherlock Holmes
De taal ervan is Engels en het aantal woorden bedraagt 2562 woorden.

The Crown Of Diamonds

The last story of this storybook is a story about a world-famous person who comes at a bank in London. This person wants to see especially Mr Alexander Holder, the banker. Holder is asked to keep a very expensive crown in safety for a couple of weeks, because this famous person needs a large amount of money. Holder decides to keep the crown at his own home instead of keeping it in a safe.

When he comes home, after a bad trip through the snow, he says to the people who live at home that he has to keep a crown in safety, and that he locked it safely away at his private sitting room. They aren't allowed to see the crown. He lives at home with his son Arthur and a young girl called Mary. Mary was the daughter of Holder's dead brother. There were also two servants in the house, but they didn't live there. Arthur had very rich friends, but he always spoiled his money, so he had to loan always money. Sir George Burnwell was the person who saw Arthur most, and he also came to their home.

Alexander went to bed that night, and around two o'clock in the morning he was suddenly wakened by a sound out of his private sitting room upstairs. He went upstairs and saw his sun with the crown of diamonds in his hands! A small piece was broken of it with three diamonds on that piece. He called the police, to report this. After a couple of minutes Mary rushed into the room, and when she saw Arthur standing there with the crown in his hands she fainted.

The police searched every corner in the house, but they couldn't find anything. The police were puzzled and gave Holder an advice: "Go to Sherlock Holmes in Backerstreet."

So that's what Holder did, and Holmes started again to search. This time as you could read for the crown.

So they went to the house which was good sized. Snow was covering the garden.

Holmes walked a few times around the house in the garden while Mary was coming into the house. Both her face and her lips were pale. When Holmes came back in the house he asked Mary a few questions; if she has heard anything and if she locked her windows. She heard nothing, until her father started to shout at Arthur. And she has shut the windows of her room. Then Holmes asked Mr holder what Arthur was wearing. He wore just his shirt and trousers he answered. Holmes also asked Holder, when they went upstairs, to try to break a piece of the crown, but he wouldn't do it. So Holmes tried it and proved that it was unable to break.

Later on Holder finds a note that his daughter Mary is gone she lefts this note:

"Dear uncle

I feel all your troubles are my fault, and perhaps if I had acted differently, you would have had no trouble. I can't stay in your house with this thought in my mind, so I must leave you for ever. Don't worry about me. My future is provided for. Please don't look for me. In life or death I am

ever your loving,


For Holmes now this case was a piece of a cake to solve this case. He tells the whole story to Holder. When you went to bed Mary quietly went to the hall where she opened the window to talk to Talk to Sir George Burnwell, who was outside. When he heard about the crown, he ordered Mary to get it, and when she went to your sitting room Arthur heard her and followed her downstairs. Ha had already change his clothes. There he saw that Mary gave the crown to George who was still outside. When she had given the crown to George she directly went back to her room. Arthur thought it was his duty to take care of the crown now, and so he opened the window in the hall, and he chased the figure of the man in the garden. When he sprang on the man the crown fell out of his hands an a piece broke of. When Arthur got the crown he went back in house with a little bit noise what you heard. He was in order to bring the crown back to your sitting room. When you came into the living room you saw Arthur standing with the crown in his hands, and you thought that Arthur was trying to steal the crown.

I know this because only Arthur was on bare feet was was clearly to see in the snow. And George's foot steps were in the snow on the lane with a trail of blood.

And the reason that Mary fainted was that she couldn't believe that the crown was back in the house. And you told me there were not many friends coming to the house so it had to be Sir George Burnwell!!!

Well, the best detective of England has solved another mystery…

The Five Orange Pips

John had lived with his uncle since he was twelve years old, now he is around the twenty-years old. Elias Openshaw fought in America during the Civil War grom 1861-1865. But he had come back to England after he lived for most of his life in Florida, America.

This is a very sad story of a family murder . It all begins when John's uncle Elias receives a letter from India. As he opened the letter five orange pips fell out. He doesn't know what is means, and finds it quite funny. But he loses his funny mood when he reads the letter. It says: KKK. Elias realises that he has to make a will. So he went to the Lawyer and wrote down his will, speaking it to John: "I am leaving everything to my brother, your father. In time he will leave it all to John. If you can enjoy my money in peace, that's good. If you cannot, take my advise and leave it all to your worst enemy. I don't know what is going to happen…"

John didn't understand the will, but he knew that a bad time was coming.

As the weeks passed, Elias went crazier every day. He started to drink, and to lock himself up in his room, in order that he didn't want to see anybody. One day he was very crazy. He ran out of his room into the garden with a gun in his hand, shouting that no one could frighten him. Then after that crazy thing he suddenly went back to his room and locked himself in.

One night John heard a cry. He jumped out of his bed and hurries to his uncle's room. The door was open and there was no one inside the room. John rushed downstairs and into the garden. Outside he can't see a thing, and he wake a servant to help him searching with a light for his uncle. They both walk through the garden searching for his uncle. When come to the water, they see his uncle lying in the water. DEAD!

The police thought that he might killed himself, because of his strange acting for the last couple of weeks. But John was thinking of something else: the five orange pips! It was a murder, and the pips are a sign to that murder!

As Elias wrote in his will, John's father comes in the house. After a time he also receives a letter, this time from Dundee. He opens it, and five orange pips fall out of the envelope. John is afraid, and says that they should go to the police. But his father finds it not a good idea. Three days later his dad decides to go to a friend of him a few miles away from his house. But after two days John got a message asking him to come at once. He went to the friend's house. The friend told him sadly that his father also died.

He was living further alone, and was getting to forget the murder of his uncle an father. He thought that the curse was ended, but one morning he opened a letter. Guess: Five orange pips and a letter with KKK? That's correct!

John was in great panic. He would go to the police, but remembers a tip of his father's friend: Go to Sherlock Holmes. And Sherlock finds out that the letter come from travellers of the Ku Klux Klan. They travel by ship slower than their letters they've sent away.

Later on Sherlock Holmes hears from his friend Dr Watson that John is also killed. They are very sad, but Holmes is going to come out of this terrible murder problem. And he will have the killers.

Sherlock Holmes is going after these killers…

The Speckled Band

This story is about Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, who were living in Bakerstreet. On one day a lady called Helen Stoner visited Sherlock Holmes, and asked him to help her. She is a family member of a rich family in England: the Roylotts of Stoke Moran in Surrey.

The lady starts with her story, that two years ago her sister Julia was killed. Helen hasn't been well after her sister died, every night she hears a whistle and she doesn't know where it comes from. That's why she went to Sherlock Holmes. She lives in fear and terror she said to Holmes, and Holmes wants to help Helen with her mysterious problem.

She tells the whole story…..

"First I explain you the plan of the house. All our bedrooms were on the ground floor; first Dr Roylott's, then Julia's and third was my room. They all open out on the same passage. All our windows open out in the garden." After that she tells about the night that her sister died. "Dr roylott went earlier to bed than us. Later on we also went to bed, but my sister Julia came into my room and said couldn't sleep because of smoke of cigarettes; Dr roylott's. Then I asked her if she ever heard a whistle in her sleep, and she said no. We went to bed and locked our doors. We locked them, because we don't feel safe for Dr roylott's wild animals.

Later that night, I couldn't sleep because of the stormy weather, I heard a terrible scream. It was my sister!!! Then I heard a whistle and a sound of falling metal. I ran to her room, and she was shaking and I held her but that didn't matter because a few seconds later her knees gave well and she felt. She said a few words before she died, something as: 'It was the band, Helen! The speckled Band". Then she died."

"And I still hear a whistle sometimes at night. I am still afraid, and even more when my stepfather two days ago asked me to sleep in Julia's room, because some repairs had to be done in my own room. So I had to sleep in her bed, and I couldn't sleep because of fear and terror. Please help me Mister Holmes!

So Holmes went a few days later to Helen. There he directly wanted to see the bedrooms. He looked carefully around. He said that if the doors were locked at night, no one could come into the rooms via the passage. And if the windows were shut it also wasn't possible to get via the windows inside. So the guilty one must be in this house he concluded.

Then he went to Julia's room and look very slowly around. Ha sat down and the first thing he saw was that the bell rope, laying with the end of it on the bed, was newer than the other things in the room. It was placed there two years ago, around the same time her sister died. The he was standing on the bed, and pulled the bell rope. He noticed that the bell rope was fake. The second thing he saw was that the ventilator didn't let fresh air from outside in the room, but that it goes into another room. (The bell rope was hanging near the ventilator).

After that they went to Dr Roylott's room. It was a larger room, with a round table, a comfortable chair, and large iron chest. Then he saw a strange thing; a bowl of milk on the chest. There was also a snake in the house.

Holmes had seen enough and explained the murder of Helen's sister Julia.

Your sister Julia was killed by a snake. That snake reacts on a high whistle so that the snake would return to his master. It was easy to put a snake through a ventilator, and a rope could help the snake get down and up. When the snake lands on the bed, and Julia would suddenly move the snake would bite. He kept the snake in the iron chest, and when Dr Roylott closes this chest it sounds like falling metal….

This is how it all went Helen!!!

Wat is de titel van het boek?

Three stories of Sherlock Holmes

Wie is de schrijver>

De oorspronkelijke schrijver was Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, maar de woorden zijn vergemakkelijkt door Frances Johnston.

Waar speelt het verhaal zich af?

De drie verhalen spelen zich af in Engeland

Wanneer speelt het verhaal zich af?

Alle drie de verhalen in deze bundel spelen tussen 1890 en 1905.

Geef de inhoud van het verhaal in grote lijnen.

De samenvattingen van het verhaal staan op de andere bladen.

Wie is de belangrijkste persoon? Waarom vind je dat?

? The Speckled Band: Dr Roylott, omdat het een groot raadsel blijft tijdens het grootste deel van het boek. En dat hij achter de moord zit.

? The Five Orange Pips: John Obenshaw, omdat hij twee moorden heeft moeten meemaken, en later die van hemzelf. En hij gaat als enige naar Sherlock Holmes, die door hem dit misterie kan oplossen.

? The Crown Of Diamonds: Sherlock Holmes, hij snapt als enige hoe Mary en Sir George Burnwell hun plannetje hadden met de kroon.

Verklaar de titel van de verhalen.

? The Speckled Band: Ze dachten dat Julia een gespikkelde band bij haar had op bed, maar dat bleek een slang te zijn.

? The Five Orange Pips: Het verhaal gaf iedere keer aan wanneer er een moord zou komen d.m.v. een brief met vier sinaasappelpitten erbij.

? The Crown Of Diamonds: Er moet een kroon bewaard worden, met diamanten erop, en de titel wil duidelijk maken dat de eigenaar ook iemand was met aanzien. Dat door het woord 'Diamonds'.

Vond je het boek leuk of interresant om te lezen?

Normaal heb ik een hekel aan lezen, maar omdat dit het eerste boekje voor Engels was, vond ik het erg leuk om te lezen. Ik had ook veel zin om dit boek te lezen, omdat Engels gewoon een leuke taal is, die ik dan ook wel goed begrijp. De verhalen waren niet moeilijk, dus daar werd het lezen ook makkelijker van.
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