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Sherlock Holmes


Arthur Conan Doyle and William Gillette


- Sherlock Holmes: He is the most important person in this story. He is a private-detective and is quite old. He is tired up with live and he uses drugs like morphine and cocaine. He falls in love with Alice.

- Moriarty: He is the enemy of Holmes, and he is the big boss of the Mafia. He tries to kill Holmes and he has a lot of men working for him. He’s younger than Holmes.

- Watson: He is the best friend of Holmes. He is a doctor and he tries to help Holmes with his cases.

- Alice: She is the one where the story goes about. A well-known person abroad has a affair with her, but he’s married. He says he wants to marry her. He writes her letters, and that’s where the whole story is about. Holmes falls in love with her.

- Larrabee: He finds out about the letters of Alice and wants to blackmail the man who sends the letters. He’s also an enemy of Holmes. He’s married with Madge, but they say they are brother and sister. Their helper is Forman and also Prince who works for Moriarty.

Then there are a lot of persons in this story, who aren’t that important.


The story is during three days and the story is playing most of the time in Edelweiss Lodge, professor Moriarty’s underground office, Holmes’room in the Baker Street, the gasschamber at Stepney, and at Watson’s.


Cheating and blackmailing and the reaction on it.


Alice her sister has a affair with a wellknown foreigner. He writes her letters and Madge and Larrabee know that, and they want to blackmail the man. Holmes knows about this and tries to help her. Moriarty wants to kill Holmes and he gets help from Madge, Larrabee and Prince. They tell him about the letters and Moriarty and Madge make a fake package of letters. Moriarty goes that night to Holmes to kill him, but that doesn’t happen. The next day Watson visits Holmes. Forman comes also, he’s a helper of Holmes. He says he’s attacked by two men, but he managed to escape. He tells Holmes about the fake package. Moriarty and his men say to Holmes that he has to come to Stepney, where a gasschamber is. They try to kill Holmes, but again, that doesn’t happen. The next day, Holmes comes to Watsons’ urgency disguised as an old man, because Moriarty and his men are searching for him. Moriarty is outside, disguised as a cabdriver, but Holmes gets him in by a trick. Holmes puts the handcops on his hands. Moriarty says that he will escape from jail and than will kill Holmes. Then Holmes kisses Alice.

Personal Comment

The most important person of this book is Holmes. The whole book is about him and except the first act he’s in every act. The most important thing that happens is the meeting of Alice and Holmes, the visit of the Larrabees and Prince to Moriarty, the escaping of Holmes in the gasschamber and of course the catching of Moriarty at the end. It was a nice book to read, because it was a book with al lot of action. It’s the best English book I ever read.
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