Boekverslag : Charles Dickens - David Copperfield
De taal ervan is Engels en het aantal woorden bedraagt 413 woorden.


The story begins when David is young. His father died soon after he was born. They live very happily in a house together. Every Sunday they go to church. There his mother meets a new man. He invites her to his house. David's mother is beginning to love that man. In a holiday David goes on a holiday with a very good friend of his and his mother. When he comes bachk, his mother is married to that man. David doesn't like that man at all. He treats David very badly and his mother has nothing to say anymore. Then suddenly his mother is getting very ill and she died soon. The man and his sister send David to a school, but when that's too expensive for them they find a job for him. David doesn't like that job at all. At a certain moment he runs away and goes to his aunt. David is very poor and wears old clothes, so his aunt doesn't recodnize him at first site. But when she looks a little bit closer she recodnizes him and she invites him into the house. He can stay there the night and then his aunt calls his new father and his sister who lives with him. They come to her house and want to take David with them. But David doesn't want that because he hates them. So his aunt decides that he can stay with her. She sends him to school. There he meers a lot of friends. After finishing school he wants to become a lawyer. He goes to a lawyer and asks if he wants to help him to become a lawyer. The lawyer wants to and he invites David to his house. There he meets a very pretty girl, and he falls in love with her. A few months later they get a child together. But it died very soon after the birth. Then she gets very ill too and dies too. David doesn't know what to do anymore. David also has a very good friend. He dies too in a sea storm. So David lost almost all his friends and he wants to die too. But he decides to travel for a few months. When he comes back he only hears good news from his friends who moved to Australia and a few friends in London. He becomes very happy and marries another woman. They get children and they live very happily ever after.
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