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Charles Dickens (simplified by Nigel Grimshaw)

Title of the book

David Copperfield



Main characters

David Copperfield

A boy who lives with his mother before she died and who travelled with no money and food.

David's mother

David's mother who married Mr. Murdstone when she was a widow.

Mr. Murdstone

A man who married David's mother and who doesn't like David at all.

Mrs. Murdstone

Mr. Murdstone's sister who managed the house of David's mother.


The servant of David's mother. She was always very kind to David and his mother.

Mr. Peggotty

Peggotty's brother who is a fisherman.


Mr. Peggotty's cousin who married Emily


A pretty girl who her parent's died. Her mother was a sister of Mr. Peggotty. She also lives with Mr. Peggotty.

Mrs. Gummidge

A widow who's living with Mr. Peggotty.

Mr. Mills

A poor teacher of David's school.


A school friend of David. He died at the end of the story in sea. He was very rich.


A school friend of David. He was poor.

Mr. Creakle

The owner of the school who beats the schoolboys.


A man who drives a cart to a lot of places. He married Peggotty but he died after that.

Mr. Micawber

A poor man who always borrows money of people what he can't pay back. When David works he stays with Mr. Micawber.

Mr. Wickfield

A lawyer who drank to much.


Mr. Wickfield's daughter. At the end she married David.

Betsey Trotwood

David's aunt. He stays with her after he runs away of his work.

Uriah Heep

A humble man who learned to be a lawyer. After that he helped Mr. Wickfield with his work. Without Mr. Wickfield's knowing he stole money of people who left it by Mr. Wickfield.

Dora Spenlow

The girl of David's dreams. She became David's wife but she past away.


Mostly London.


Round 1955

Who tells the story

David Copperfield


David was born when his father was already dead. After a few years David's mother married Mr. Murdstone. Mrs. Murdstone came to manage the house. The Murdstone's send David to school. David made there two friends, Steerforth and Traddles. When his mother past away he may come home and after a while he had to work in London. He stayed by the Micawber's. When the Micawber's moved out, David decides to run away with no money. He went to his aunt, Betsey Trotwood, and he went to school there. While he was going to school he stayed by Mr. Wickfield and his daughter Agnes. When David finished his education, he went to Yarmouth, where his friends live (Mr. Peggotty, Peggotty, Mrs. Grummidge, Emily and Ham). After that he went back to London and he met his girl of his dreams: Dora. After some hard years of no money he married her. They went in a house but Dora couldn't manage it. Dora became sick after a few years and she died. David went to Yarmouth. Steerforth and Ham died at sea. David went on travelling to forget everything. After a while he knew that he loved Agnes. He went to London again and he married Agnes.

My opinion

I think this story is a great story when the book isn't simplified. The words happy and unhappy where used too much. In the beginning I didn't like the book at all because it was so sad. Later it became a happier book and I like reading it. The end was the best cause he married Agnes who can do a lot (Managing the house, cooking, etc.).
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