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There are 138 pages in the book.
The publisher is Oxford University Press (1988)
On the cover of the book you can see Imogen; the main character in the story.

About the contents of the book.

2 The events take place in London, the Richmond district.
3 The story take place in this time.
4 The story takes about 2 months.
5 The main character in this story is Imogen Rogers.
a) She is almost fifteen.
b) See the cover
c) Boys are important for her. She feels lonely as she hasn’t a boyfriend and her friend, Melissa, has a boyfriend.
6 The most important minor characters are:
* Melissa----Imogens friend since fifth grade, she’s friendly, self-assured, outspoken and very pretty. According to Imogen she know how to deal with boys.
* Adam Derman----A new neigbour, he loves childeren and woman. But he can’t find a woman who can take care of benjamin (his baby) and can cook for him. According to Imo he’s great.
The book starts with one of the day-dreams of Imogen. She dreams about her boyfriend Rodney Freeman. She will break up with him but he break up with her before she can do anything. She does’t like it. Later her new neigbour asked her of she can babysit for him. She likes it. She often goes more to Adam. Also as she hasn’t babysit for him. Than she goes to a party with her friends. Melissa will couple her with Leo, but she doesn’t like him.
After the party she goes to Adam for babysit.
The next day when Imo goes to her house. She saw that the door of her grandmothers appartement is closed. When she yelled Lin Lin are you at home? Nobody answered. She goes upstairs, her family live above her grandmother house and Adam live above them. She tells her father that Lin Lins door is closed but he is prepared with his photos (he is a photograph). When she unlocked the door she could hear somebody moving around. Than she sees a man in a white uniform. She asked the man: “who are you?”. “The examinator”, he answered.
He tells an untrue story and he goes away. Imo understand that he is a chief. She runs after him and than she catch him. The police came and he’s arrested.
After a babysit evening Adam is invited for a dinner bij Imo and her parents. It is a social evening. Adam takes a lady-friend with him. Later Adam falls out with the woman.
A couple of days later Imogen falls in love with Adam. She talk very much with him.
She tells him much about herself. And they talk about the problem from Adam with all his friends. Later Imogen understand that Adam is to old for her. He falls not in love with her. On the end of the book Imogen meet Mark Feller. The handsome boy who she has seen in the bus.

8 This book is a love story.
9 The title goes well with the story. The title refer to Imogen who’s almost fifteen.

My opion of the book.

9 I like this part of the book because it is pretty that Imo understand that Adam Derman is to old.

a) I find this book common and dull. Because there wasn’t any tension. I knew it was a real girl book. But I didn’t know that a girl book is so dull. The story isn’t bad, but I dont’t like these strories. I like a story that is thrilling and true of life. The story is good to understand, but in the begin I didn’t know what the main point was. Later I understood.
b) This story is a must for a girl who like goody - goody stories. But for boys and girls who love thrilling stories it isn’t a must.
c) I give this story a 6. The story wasn’t bad but I don’t like it.

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