Boekverslag : Roald Dahl - The Landlady
De taal ervan is Engels en het aantal woorden bedraagt 342 woorden.

Billy Weaver, a seventeen year old guy went to Bath for a new job. When he arrived, he started looking for a place to sleep. He was advised by a man to go to “The Bell and Dragon”. On his way he walked along some residences and noticed a sign who said Bed and Breakfast. He went to the door and pressed the bell and immediately swung the door open and a woman stand in the front. Billy asked the price a night. It was very cheap and he said he will stay. The woman seems terribly nice but he didn’t care for it because it was so cheap. When Billy cane in his room he noticed that everything was set for someone to get in. Before Billy went to bed he wrote his name in the guest book in the sitting room. There where two other names Mr. Mulholland and Mr. Temple. Billy knew for sure he has heard those two names before, but he didn’t know where. Than he heard a voice who said, such a charming Boy’s. It was the landlady with a silver tea-tray in her hand. Billy said hat the names sounds familiar. And he asked her of they are famous, but they weren’t. the landlady said that they are extraordinary handsome. They talks further over the two names. Than the landlady gave Billy a cup of tea. Billy started sipping his tea. Than Billy said that Mr. Mulholland left very recently but the landlady said that he is still in the house including Mr. Temple. She said that Billy has the most beautiful teeth. Then she said that on Mr. Temple’s body not a blemish was, that his skin was just like a baby. Then they talked about the parrot and the dachshund who both are dead. She asked if he want some more tea. But he wouldn’t because the tea tasted faintly of the better almonds. Than Billy asked of there where not any more guests the last two years. No she said only you.
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