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The Pet-detective was in the 1800¡¦s one of the best detectives in the world¡K no case was to difficult for him! So he started to investigate the non-answered question: Who was first: the chicken or the egg?? So he started to search after interesting information about his subject: And start thinking:

-if the egg was first„³ were did it come from?

-if the chicken was first„³ were did it come from??

So he started to investigate when and where the first chicken was born, it was around 2000BC sad some people, others said the egg and the chicken were created at the same time by god. No clearness so long. So he asked a professional historicist about this subject and he said: The first chicken came from the first chicken egg, which was laid by a red junglefowl (Gallus gallus). But another scientificist claimed that the egg came first because in the course of evolution, there has to have been some point where a "not a chicken" laid a "chicken" egg. The detective was so angry that he dropped the case and became a shoes seller!!
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