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Title: Walk Two Moons

Author: Sharon Creech

Published: 1995 by Macmillan Children's books a division of acmillan Publishers Limited.

Pages: 244


Salamanca (her friends call her Sal) and her father left Bybanks, Kentucky and went to Euclid, Ohio. There lived Margaret Cadaver and Mrs. Partridge. Sal her mother left them without any reason and Sal is going to follow her with her grandparents. Sal and her father are first going to Margaret. Sal met a girl, her name is Phoebe Winterbottem. Sal her father stays at Margaret's place and Sal tries to find her mother before her birthday with her grandparents, she doesn't want to believe that her mother died in an accident. If they are driving the way that Sal's mother had driven, Sal tells everything that she has been through with Phoebe.

It all started with Mrs. Cadaver. Phoebe thought that Mrs. Cadaver killed her husband and buried him in her backyard. Because she moved a Rhododendron together with Mr. Birkway (the English teacher). Sal didn't want to believe Phoebe. A few days later there was a lunatic. He went to Phoebes place and asked for Phoebes mother, Mrs. Winterbottem. She wasn't there and the lunatic didn't want to leave a message.

Later the family Winterbottem got envelopes with strange messages like: Don't judge a man until you've walk two moons in his moccasins; Everyone has his own agenda; In the course of a lifetime, what does it matter; You can't keep the birds of sadness from flying over your head, but you can keep them from nesting in your hair; We never know the worth of water until the well is dry. The family Winterbottem didn't know from who and for who the messages were. They thought that the lunatic wrote this messages. When Phoebe and Sal came out of school one day, they saw the lunatic one more time. They ran home but all the doors were locked. Sal said that Phoebe or her mother had to call the police or tell everything to Mr. Winterbottem. At school the whole class got the order to write a journal at school, when Phoebe came home from school there were three letters, one for Phoebe, one for her sister (Prudence) and one for Mr. Winterbottem. The letters said that Mrs. Winterbottem wouldn't come back. Phoebe did a lot of thing that Sal also did when she knew that her mother shouldn't come back. Phoebe wanted to call the police, but Mr. Winterbottem didn't want that. Mrs. Winterbottem called Margaret Cadaver one time, she said that she was fine. If Mr. Winterbottem didn't hear anything of Norma (Mrs. Winterbottem) before Wednesday, he would go to the police. But he didn't go. Sal and Phoebe went to the police but the policeman didn't believe them. That night Sal and Phoebe went to Margaret's house. Phoebe thought that her mother was kidnapped and that she could find clues at Margaret's place. But Mrs. Partridge noticed us. Phoebe only found a spot on the floor and some hairs. When Phoebe and Sal came out of school one day, they went to the police again. They took the last message and the hairs with them. But the policeman didn't want to believe them again. Phoebe ran out and the policeman followed her. Sal looked up the desk and saw a photograph of the lunatic. She ran to Phoebe's place and then she discovers that Mr. Birkway is the son of Mrs. Partridge and that Mr. Birkway the twin brother is from Mrs. Cadaver.

Phoebe and Sal went to the policeman's house and asked for Mike (the lunatic). He wasn't at home but they got a number so they could visit him at the University. When Phoebe and Sal went to the University, they saw Phoebe's mother give the lunatic a kiss at his cheek. Sal ran away to the hospital and met Phoebe again at the University. They went home to Phoebe's house. Prudence said that Mrs. Winterbottem had called and that she came home with someone. That person was the lunatic, Mike. He seemed to be the son of Mrs. Winterbottem. Phoebe didn't like this at all and went out with Sal. At the doorstep they met Mrs. Partridge. She was the one who left all those messages. Sal went home and talked with Margaret Cadaver. Now she knew why her father talked so much with Margaret Cadaver. That was the whole story of Phoebe.

When Sal was telling this story, her grandfather was driving all the way to Coeur d'Alene. There happened a lot of things. Gram was bitten by a snake and had to go to the hospital twice. The last time in Coeur d'Alene. Grams stayed with her and Sal drove alone to the place where here mother died and to her grave. When she came back at the hospital, she heard that her grandmother died and she got the address of the motel were grams was staying. They went home again and moved back to Bybanks, Kentucky.

My opinion

I didn't like the book so much, because I'd like scary books better. Then you can't stop reading. With this book I thought: When can I stop reading this book. It took a lot of time to finish this book. In the begin of this book it's hard to understand that there are two story's in this book, one with Salamanca and her grandparents and one with Salamanca and Phoebe. Later I did understand that. If you like this kind of drama books, then it's a nice book to read, but if you don't like this kind of books it's hard.

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