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Explain the title

The title is the name of the main character.

Who tells the story?

The author himself I think.

Where does the story take place? Does the setting play a decisive role in the story? Explain.

I don't know exactly, but that's because I don't remember it was mentioned in the book. I don't think it plays a decisive role because the author would have mentioned it if it would.

When does the story take place? ( If you are not sure about the exact dates, guess by fifty years, e.g. 1600- 1650, etc.). Does it really make any difference ( to the story) in which time it takes place? Why do you think so?

I think about 1980 or maybe a bit later because they have telly and other modern stuff and nothing in the book tells me it took place earlyer. I don't think it would make any difference because the story could happen any time ( although it has a lot of fantasy)

How much time passes between the beginning and the end of the story? Indicate the amount of time.

About five years, but the first four years are mentioned in the first chapter, in the story the main character is five years old.

Which part of the book did you find most interesting or fun? Why?

The part in which a Boy called Bruce Bogtrotter has to eat a huge cake because he has stolen a tiny bit of cake. And everyone thinks he will throw up but instead, he eats the entire cake.

Which part of the book was very bad or very uninteresting, according to you? Explain why.

I didn't find any part of the book uninteresting.

Suppose you had to choose: which character in the book would you like to be? Why this particular character?

I wouldn't really want to be a particular person, but if I had to choose I think it would be Matilda, because she is smart and very kind.

Mention one character from the book you dislike, or could eventually dislike? Why?

I didn't like Matilda's brother Michael, because he doesn't say anything, he's just listening to his father because he wants Michael to be like him.

Compare the main character(s) of the beginning of the story to those same characters at the end of the book. Have they / Has he or she changed? Have they / Has he or she learnt or achieved anything?_

The main character hasn't changed really, but she has learned to stand up for herself and if you want something, you have to work hard for it.

Could you indicate what kind of story / play this is? You can choose more than one option.

[ ] love story [ ] science fiction

[ ] adventure [ ] detective / thriller

[ ] (auto)biography [ ] philosophical

[ ] historical subject [X] comedy

[ ] lifestyle [ ] tragedy

[X] fantasy / fairy tale [ ] ..................................

Is it possible to indicate a turning point in the story; a point from which things clearly start to change? Try to describe it.

When she noticed that she has a extraordinary gift, because that is when she avenges herself.

Do you feel the author has tried to teach you or explain something to you by writing this book? If so, what? Or has he / she only tried to entertain you?

No I don't, I think the author has tried to write a funny story, and he did.

Were you satisfied about the ending of the book? Explain your answer. If you were not satified with it, could you explain how you would have expected it to end (more or less)?

Yes I was satisfied because her awful parents are gone to Spain and she now lives with a teacher who really cares for her.

Would you recommend this book to anyone? Why? If you were to give this book a mark, what would it be?I would, but only to younger people, because frankly I'm a bit too old for this book.

If I were to give this book a mark it would be a 8,5.
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