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De taal ervan is Engels en het aantal woorden bedraagt 1965 woorden.

1: informatie

Roald Dahl, kiss kiss. Published by Penguin Books, Middlesex, England. 233 pages (first published in 1959, USA)

2: 2 characters

Story 2: William and Mary

William Pearl: he is very formal, he had never done anything informal in his life. He used to order things to Mary, his wife. When the story begins he just died, but he left a letter to Mary. He worked as a philosophy-teacher in Oxford. The story says nothing about his age.

Mary Pearl: she is Williams wife. She doesn’t like William to be so informal, she didn’t even want to read the letter William wrote, but she is curious and reads it. In the story is not told about her age or work.

3: samenvatting

Er zijn in totaal 11 verhalen. Niet alle verhalen zijn even lang, dus de samenvattingen ook niet.

1. The landlady

A guy seeks a hotel, he sees a bed and breakfast and decides to spend the night there. A strange old lady offers him a room. When he is signing the guestbook he sees 2 other names. These names look familiar to him. He thinks he saw these guys in the newspaper. He sees the animals and notice that they are perfectly stuffed. Then he asks the lady about the other two guys. He asks her when they left. She says that they haven’t left yet and that they’re still at the third floor…


Billy Weaver, a young office-worker

The landlady, she is the owner of the bed and breakfast

2. William and Mary

William and Mary are married but William died and left Mary a letter. The letter says that when he died, a friend came along and had an idea. His brain would be kept alive. William accorded to that after long thinking and he tells his wife in the letter to come and see him. Mary goes to the place and sees him. The brain is floating in a bowl with fluid. His one eye (which they left intact too) could look at her. When she sees him se begins to torture him by doing things that he used to forbid her, like smoking cigarettes. Than the doctor says she must go. She asks him: "when can I take him home?"


William, a very strict and bossy man, he had never done anything informal in his life

Mary, William’s wife

Mr. Landy, the man who kept William’s brains alive

3. The way up to heaven

The Fosters live in a big house. Mrs Foster’s fear is that she might come late at something. Mr. Foster is always torturing her by letting her almost come to late every time. On a day Mrs. Foster must go to Paris by plain. When she arrives at the airport it seems that the plain will come far later and she goes back home. The next day she wants to go, Mr. Foster goes with her. When they are about to drive Mr. Foster stops the car and remembered he forgotten the present. He goes back in the house and Mrs. Foster waits in the car. Later she finds the present pushed between the car seats on purpose. She goes to the house and hears music. She decides to go without him. When she comes back she notice that there is a lot of mail by the door. She walks to the telephone and says to the person at the other side that the elevator is stuck between the third and the second floor, if he could fix it.


Mr and Mrs Foster

Walker, their butler

The chauffeur of the car

4. Parson’s pleasure

Mr. Boggis is a salesman in antique furniture. Every Sunday he goes to look for expensive furniture. One day he goes in a house where he finds the missing furniture of a arrangement. This one was very expensive. He decides to buy it for a very low price. Because the owners aren’t that smart he tells him it isn’t worth a bit. But he would like to buy it for the legs of the table. They make a deal and he says he goes to get his car to put the table in. The farmers think that the table is too big to fit in a car so they cut off the legs. They think he wouldn’t mind because he only wanted it for the legs. The rest they chop in peace’s for firewood. Then Mr. Boggis comes in his big car…


Cyril Boggis, the antique dealer.

Rummins, owner of an old farmhouse.

Bert, the son of Rummins.

Claud, a friend of Rummins.

5. Mrs Bixby and the colonels coat

Mrs Bixby always goes to her aunt in Baltimore, at least, that’s what she let her husband think. Actually she always goes to a colonel in Baltimore. One day she gets a present from the colonel. In the train she unwraps it and sees it is a fur coat.

But she doesn’t want her husband to find out what’s going on, so she decides to go to a pawnbroker. Sells the coat and says her husband she found a ticket. The man goes to the pawnbroker the next morning. Mrs. Bixby goes to him and asks what it is. The next thing she knows he gives her a fur scarf instead of the coat. She says she is delighted and walks away. When she walks out of the office she sees the secretary of her husband with a beautiful fur coat like she just wore…


Mrs. Bixby, the person who cheated on her husband.

The husband of Mrs. Bixby.

The colonel, the lover of Mrs. Bixby.

The pawnbroker

6. Royal jelly

Mr. and Mrs. Taylor have a baby, but she doesn’t eat so well. Suddenly Mr. Tayler has an idea, but he doesn’t tell it to his wife. He feeds the child with Royal jelly. His wife notices that the child does eat good this time. They don’t think about it any further and live on, until he tells his wife what he feeds the baby on. His wife disapproves it and wants him to stop feeding him that. When she talks further, she notice that her man has indeed something of a bee, in fact, so does her baby. The baby’s arms and legs didn’t grow, only his body. They both even look a little brown/yellow.


Mr. Tayler, the bee holder.

Mrs. Tayler, Mr. Tayler’s wife

7. Georgy Porgy

A man who is good at everything is only afraid of women. When a women even touches him, he collapses or something. His mother ones showed him the birth of some rabbits when the mother rabbit suddenly eats the baby’s. His mother begins to scream and he sees the mouth of his mother grow wider and wider. He stars running because he’s scared of that mouth. His mother follows him and got hit by a car and is dead. A few years later, a lot of women try to do things with him, but he doesn’t like it. On a day he is very self-assured and he goes to a group of women he knows. One of them he thinks she wouldn’t want to harm him and he drinks the stuff she gives him. It’s alcohol, so he got drunk. As soon as they start kissing he sees the mouth growing again and he thinks he is being swallowed. At the end he thinks he lives in the stomach of the women…


The main character, who is being swallowed.

The mother of the main character.

8. Genesis and catastrophe

Klara, an Austrian woman, has just given birth of a baby. The premier baby’s she got birth of all died so she’s scared this one is going to die too. She tells the doctor about her first three kids and how they died. Her doctor calms her by saying that this baby looks all right and that everything was going to be just fine. Her husband hardly seemed worried, because when she got pregnant again, he joyfully announced that he was being sent to Braunau. The doctor reassures her that this baby does look small, butt very healthy. He asks the women Frau Hitler whether a name has been chosen for the child. She replies that the child will be named Adolf. Then the husband comes in and immediately says that this child is to small too, but the doctor says him he must say that he’s going to make it. Klara cries that she has prayed for months that this baby might live…


Klara, an Austrian woman who has just had a baby.

Alois, her husband.

A doctor and the innkeepers wife.

9. Edward the conqueror

Louisa and Edward are a married couple. On one day they find a cat, who they take in home to feed. When Louisa begins to play the piano, the cat seems interested certainly when she begins to play a piece of Franz Liszt. The cat extremely enjoys that. Because of that she thinks the cat is a reincarnation of him. It can separate a peace of Franz and of another. Her man Edward can’t believe that this cat is a reincarnation of Franz Liszt. He gets jealous, because the cat gets all the attention of his wife. So when she makes him a dinner he throws the cat in the fire…


Louisa, the women who loves the cat.

Edward, her husband.

10. Pig

When a guy named Lexington was born, his parents died. Nobody of the family wanted to take the baby in house, so the aunt of the baby took him in house. That old woman was a very strict vegetarian. He grew up as a vegetarian with a lot of talent for cooking. So he started a cooking book. He had never eaten a peace of meat when his aunts died. He decided to go to the big city, where he continues working with his book. When he went to a restaurant he tasted a piece of meat and he wanted to know how this was made. He was referred to the slaughterhouse. When he arrived he looked his eyes out. He saw how the Pigs were hung up and were brought to another place. Suddenly he is being hung up. He shouted for help. When he arrives at a man with a big knife, Lexington asks the man to help him. The man is willing to help and he cuts Lexington’s jugular vein with a knife. Lexington slowly reaches his end…


Lexington, the orphan.

The aunt of Lexington.

Lexington’s parents.

11. The champion of the world.

Claude is poacher, he works at a filling station. He always goes to Victor Hazel’s land to fetch him some pheasants. One day a friend of him has an idea: putting opiate in the raisins (pheasants love these) a day before a big hunt takes place at that land. That way they could catch all the pheasants. It’s a brilliant plan so they decided to do that. It worked, so they made a plan to take them home. A woman would take a baby carriage and put them underneath it. When they are waiting for him, they suddenly see the woman running and screaming. They don’t understand it, but then they see why. All the pheasants flew out of the baby carriage. Soon the pheasants were over the whole station. It wouldn’t take much time and Victor Hazel would pass the filling station…


Claude, the poacher.

Gordon, his friend.

Victor Hazel, the owner of the pheasants.
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