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James and the giant peach by Roald Dahl

James Henry Trotter is a Boy, who had a peacefully life with his two parents. But one day, an escaped London Zoo rhinoceros ate up his parents. So James had to live with his two aunts: Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker. His two aunts were very unfriendly to James, they were selfish and they beat James all the time. James hated his two aunts and he lived a very unhappy life.

But one day, James met an old man. The man gave him a bag with strange green little things. The man said to James that there was more power and magic in these things as in the whole world together. James went home, but near an old peach tree his foot slipped and he fell, the bag burst open and all the green things were spread all over the ground and they disappeared into the ground. A few minutes later the peach began to grow, and grow, and grow, and it did not stop growing. The peach was as big as a house; people out of the whole country came to see the peach. At the end of the day James had to clean up the garden and then he saw a hole in the peach, he went to it and he saw a tunnel. He crawled in. When he reached the stone, he saw a door. Inside was a living room with seven creatures: An Old-Green-Grasshopper, a Ladybug, a Centi-pede, a Spider, a Silkworm, an Earthworm and a Glow-worm. These seven creatures became his new friends and they all slept into the peach.

Next day when they woke up, the peach was rolling because the centipede had nibbled the stem of the peach. In its rolling, the peach scrunched the two aunts; it stopped rolling when it fell into the ocean. After a few hours they saw a tremendous group sharks swimming towards them and they began to nibble at the peach. They all knew that when the sharks finished on the peach they would start on them. James had an idea: the Silkworm and miss Spider would make silk strings and loop the end around a seagull’s neck. When they had looped the five hundred and second seagull the peach bean to fly. The peach started to fly higher and higher until they reached the sky. Then the evening came and they fell asleep.

Next morning when they woke up they saw streets, houses, scycrapers and so on. James knew they were in America and they wanted to go down, so the Centipede bit 2 strings and they were going down gently. But then, out of nowhere, an aeroplane flew through all the strings and the peach fell down very fast. They thought they were going to die, but the peach had fallen on the top of the Empire State building. The local po-lice- and fire department went up to the Empire State building and saved them. James and his friends were the heroes of the day.

All of the animals became rich and very famous and they all lived happily and peace-fully in their new country. James himself lived in a famous monument, the peach stone in Central Perk. Many Children came to see the room where James had first met his friends. So James was never lonely and miserable in his whole life again.

The End
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