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About the author:

Roald Dahl was born in Llandaf in South Wales of Norwegian parents. He was educated in England and then worked in Africa for the Shell Oil Company. In the Second World War he was a RAF fighter pilot. It was after an air-crash and “a monumental bash on the head” that he began to write.

He writes with a green baize writing-board on his knee and a pencil in his hand in a small shed at the bottom of his garden.

His stories are full of huge, wild ideas and he hopes they will help children to learn to love books so that through the rest of their lives they will get immeasurable pleasure and solace from reading.

In his earlier autobiography, Boy, Roald Dahl told his childhood. In Going Solo he writes of his wartime experiences.

Other books written by Roald Dahl are: Boy, The wonderful story of Henry Sugar, The witches, George’s Marvellous Medicine, Danny The champion of the world, The BFG and Charlie and the chocolate factory.

The summary of Going Solo:

The Voyage Out

In this first chapter R.D. goes to Africa in the autumn of 1938 on a boat, called SS Mantola. Nowadays you can fly to Mombassa in a few ours, but in those days it took about two weeks on a ship. On that voyage he saw in a night Mr. And Mrs. Mayor Griffiths dancing naked on the deck of the boat.

Dar es Salaam

In “Dar es Salaam” he stays for some weeks. Once he was shaving himself, when he saw out of the window of the bathroom and he saw a black mamba gliding to Salimu, the shamba-Boy. He shouts it to Salimu. Salimu gets his rake and hits the mamba on the middle of his back.


About a month after the black mamba incident, there’s a new danger: a lion. The lion is eating the cooks’ wife. Robert Sanford, the DO (District Officer) gets a rifle, and shoots the huge lion. Fortunately the cook wife isn’t hurt.

The green mamba

One Sunday evening R.D. was invited to go and have a sundowner at the house of an Englishman called Fuller who worked in the Customer office in Dar es Salaam. He lived with his wife and two little children in a plain white house. R.D. walks through the grass to Mr. Fuller when he sees a green mamba gliding through the grass, right to the door of Mr. Fuller’s house. He shouted to Mr. and Mr. Fuller. The mamba was meanwhile in the living room. Mr. Fuller lowered his kids and his wife out of the window upstairs, then Mr. Fuller climbs out of the window. Fuller goes to the snake-man. The snake-man gets the mamba. Nobody is hurt accept Jack, the dog, he’s bitten by the snake and he didn’t survive the bite.

The Beginning of the War

R.D. has to stop the Germans who will try to run. R.D. had to kill one man, leader, he found it very difficult to do that.

Mdisho of the Mwanumwesi

When R.D. comes home he notices that his huge sword is gone, and Mdisho isn’t in the house to. In the middle of the night Mdisho comes home. And tells his story. He killed a rich German who lived over the hills.

Flying Training

In November 1939, R.D. has to take flying training in Nairobi, because he had join with the war. R.D. has to join a squadron. He had to fly to the West Desert of Libya.


When R.D. was on the place where he had to fly to join the 80 squadron, there was nothing then desert. He crashed because he hadn’t enough fuel to fly back, that’s why he tried to land but that failed. He lands in a hospital in Alexandria. Where he patches up of his brain damage. Not much after he released from the hospital he had to fly to Greece in a Hurricane, non-stop.

First Encounter with a Bandit

Meanwhile a fly, he is concerned in a fight with six Ju 88s he hits one of them he saw the crew jump out of the plane and open their parachutes.

The Ammunition Ship

The next morning R.D. was ordered to go patrol at six o’clock. And again he’s concerned in a fight with one Ju 88s. But this time it goes wrong, he’s hit in his engine, but it ends good.

The Battle of Athens – the Twentieth of April

17, 18 and 19 April 1941, is a little blurred in R.D.’s memory. On 20 April R.D. shoots another plane down.

The Last Day But One

But the twentieth of April wasn’t over yet. There were some Me109s coming over the tent were R.D. was standing quite naked beside the three-legged basin outside. The planes were shooting on their Hurricanes.

R.D. had to deliver a parcel on someone with the name Carter. When he delivered it and flew back he saw some Germans coming on the airport.

The Argos Fiasco

One day he shoots a plane, he thought the plane was German, but it wasn’t it was a plane with a RAF marketing on it, fortunately it ends good.

Palestine and Syria



R.D. had been at Haifa for exactly four weeks, flying intensively every day. And after three years, he was now 25 years old, he saw his family again.
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