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1 Rebecca Campbell, The favours and fortunes of Katie Castle, HarperCollinsPublishers, 2002. First published in: 2002. Number of pages: 325. Library catalogue number: ME, ISBN: 0-00-711789-2.

2 I have chosen this book, because the cover looks nice and very new. It was colored pink and there are women on it, so I thought it would be nice to read. When I read the back I knew it for sure. It was really a book for girls and women. The subjects are clothes, men and break up a relationship. Those subjects interest me. So that’s why I have chosen this one.

3 The main character is Katie Castle. She is a women who lives in London. She is middle-aged. She is engaged with Ludo, the son of her boss Penny Moss. She is very successful and she has a good life. But sometimes she thinks that Ludo is not everything she wants. One day she goes to Paris for a fashion award and then she met Liam Callaghan, he is the driver of the van. She goes out with him and become drunk and later she has sex with him. First she knew that she did not want it, but she can’t resist the temptation. Penny, her boss and the mother of Ludo, knows about her and Liam and she is very furious. That’s why she fired Katie and also forbid her to go back to Ludo. Now she has lost her job, her boyfriend and her flat. She goes to Veronica, her best friend, to stay there a couple of days. But they had a big row about something stupid, that’s why Katie is leaving. Now she goes to Jonah, a friend of Liam, he has an empty flat where Katie can stay. He also take care of a new job for Katie and she get one. But Katie knew something about Jonah and dealing with drugs and that’s why she become so easily his flat and a job, because she has promised no to tell anyone about that.

5 The title is very logical. ‘The favours and fortunes of Katie Castle’ is a reference to the life of the main character in the book: Katie Castle. The whole book is about the life of Katie Castle and about the things she likes and the things she don’t. About the fortunes she first had and later not anymore. So it has anything to do with the main character and some events.

6 The really main character of the book is Katie Castle.

There are also less important characters such as Penny, Ludo, Hugh, Liam, Jonah and Veronica.

7 The theme of the novel that life can change really fast, first you can be very successful but you can lose it all in a short time. That’s what the novel is about.

8 C: You read the novel in an I-story. There`s only one person who tells the story. That person is Katie Castle. All the things that happen you see through her eyes. You get a really good impression of her character and her way of living. You can only read how she thinks of different situations and not the other people is the novel. That’s the effect of telling the story in an I-perspective. This is important to this novel, because it describes the life of Katie Castle, that’s what the novel is about, and so it’s really logical to write an I-story. Now you can really identify with Katie Castle and you can understand why she’s doing some things.

10 When I started reading I thought it would be a nice book. And it was! It has only a lot of pages, so it took time before I have read it. It was really a nice book to read. The subjects are interesting and it was indeed a novel for women. It was easier to understand than I thought it would be. The story was easy to understand and there were no really difficult situations in it.

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