Boekverslag : Ian Fleming - The Man With The Golden Gun
De taal ervan is Nederlands en het aantal woorden bedraagt 372 woorden.

First published in: 1965

James Bond: For a description you can look Casino Royale.
Scaramanga: This is “the man with the golden gun”

Bond comes back from the death. Everybody thought Bond was dead because there was an accident, a great explosion (You only live twice), but they couldn't find a body. Bond calls the British secret agency to try to get home. At first they didn't believe Bond because the last few months they got a lot of these phone calls. He was send to the "Soft Man". There he will be asked to answer some questions to prove he really is James Bond. A few days later he gets a phone call that he can meet Mr. M, as he requested. Mr. M immediately sees that the man really is Bond. He talks a lot with Bond to make sure he is all right. He noticed that Bond has changed so he sends him to a rehabilitation center. The moment that Bond is fit again, he gives him a new assignment. He has to kill "The Man with the Golden Gun". It's a very difficult assignment but Bond is up to it. Now he gets the codename "007". 007 flies to the Caribbean and chased him all the way to Central America. Finally he is in Jamaica where "The Man with the Golden Gun" lives. In a way he gets to work for Scaramanga (The Man with the Golden Gun) and is now a bodyguard for Scaramanga. He has a lot of opportunities to kill Scaramanga, but he hates to do a cold murder. Scaramanga has a great company with a lot of illegal activities. Scaramanga has a meeting with a lot of important criminals. Scaramanga asked 007 to see that everything goes without any difficulties. Scaramanga gathers for a few days and everything seems to go smoothly. Suddenly Scaramanga kills one of the criminals because the man didn't act the way Scaramanga wanted him to do. Scaramanga asked 007, and the other man, to go with him on a train trip. Scaramanga planned to kill 007 there because he knew that Bond is a secret agent. 007 gets help from a friend and together they find a way to defeat Scaramanga.

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