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De taal ervan is Nederlands en het aantal woorden bedraagt 417 woorden.

First published in: 1988

Egon Spengler: A ghost buster. He’s devoted to science. A tall, thin man with a sock of white hair, he committed himself totally to the science of ghostbusting. His only hobby was collecting spores, moulds and fungus.
Ray Stantz: A ghost buster. He knows everything there is about weird things like ghosts. Ray was also fearless.
Dr. Peter Venkman: A ghost buster. He’s a bright, quick talking character who helped to found the Ghostbusters. Though he preferred to avoid danger if possible, he held never back when the chips were down. Wise, witty and cynical, he was always good fun to have around.
Winston Zeddmore: A ghost buster. He’s a cheerful, happy-go-lucky man with a ready smile. Unlike the others, he had no scientific background but he made up for this with his other qualities. He was brave, loyal and very practical.
Slimer: A ghost. He’s like a pet. He eats the whole day, but he’s nice.
Slug, Snarg and Zonk: They are a ghost-family. A dad, mother and son.They don’t like the Ghostbusters at all.

The job of the Ghostbusters is ghostbusting (what else?). So they do. Often very easy, sometimes a bit more difficult. They’ve got a storage for ghosts. Slimer lets Slug, Snarg and Zonk escape by accident. Because they’re angry with the Ghostbusters, they’ve thought a plan. One of them will cause problems in a building, the Ghostbusters will arrive and the other two ghosts will pretend that they’ve caught the ghost. So two of them pretend that they’re ghostbusters, and one will be the ghost. Time after time are the Ghosts-R-Us (the two ghosts) earlier than the Ghostbusters. After a few times playing this trick, the three ghosts want to crush the Ghostbusters. They go to a class 7 ghost (VERY STRONG). Did they think. They meet a class 10 ghost (SUPER EXTRA MEGA TURBO ULTRA STRONG, or something like that) and he’s angry because they’ve awoken him. He hunts them, and the Ghostbusters catch him, with a lot of pain after a pursuit through the city. At the end they find out that Slimer had caused all the problems, but they forgive him.

It’s trash. I liked the movies, but the book is nothing. In the movie the special effects were fun, such as a giant marshmallow guy. In this book there are only a few ugly paintings, and a bad story (the movie was original, a bit weird, but original). At the other side, it’s an easy book to read, with giant letters and few pages.

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