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Title: The Snapper

Author: Roddy Doyle

The book is about a 20-year-old girl, Sharon, who tells her parents that she’s pregnant but she doesn’t want to say who the father is. The book tells us a lot about an ordinary Irish family, about their problems, their loyalty and their great sense of humour.

A. 9. Write part of the diary of one of the characters,

pick a few important moments in the story for

your entries.

The diary of Sharon:

Dear diary,

Yesterday I had an awful evening! There was a party at The Golden Bells and I got really pissed. I went outside to the parking, because I needed some fresh air. And then something terrible happened to me. A man came up to me and said: ‘Hello, Sharon, looking good tonight’. And before I realized he was on top of me. I’m not sure who it was, but I think it was Yvonne’s father, George Burgess. I hope nobody has seen us. I’m not going to tell anybody, not even Jackie. It’s a disgusting thought that I did it with him, he ’s even older than my own dad ! But I was very drunk! And so was he.

2 months later

Dear diary,

I haven’t had my periods for 2 months! That isn’t normal anymore, I think I have to go to the chemist’s to buy a pregnancy test. I hope I’m not pregnant … If I am, I’ll lose my head.

Dear diary,

I feel miserable, I’m pregnant from George Burgess! I’m three months far now. I have to tell my parents and friends, but they will ask me who the father is, and I can’t answer that question! I don’t know what to do anymore. I will think about it. Maybe, I’ll tell them tomorrow. First I’ll tell my mam, and later I’ll try to explain it to my dad. I hope they won’t make too much fuss about it.

Dear diary,

I’ve just told my parents the news. There reactions were wonderful. My dad was a bit angry in the beginning, but then he calmed down. Of course they asked me who did it, but I said I would never tell them because I didn’t want to have anything to do with him.

Dear diary,

I’m in my eleventh week now, and the signs start to show. I went to the library to borrow some books about pregnancy.

My dad told me that George says that ’I’m a great little ride’. I could kill him, the bastard. If he doesn’t stop saying things about me like that I’ll make him pay! How I hate him. I can’t look at him, he has an awful face. I saw him yesterday, and he wanted to talk to me. He has to leave me alone, or I’ll tell his wife what he has done. Well, he’s a f*cking eeijit and his daughter Yvonne is a real hypocrite!


I really enjoyed reading this book! There are many funny parts in it. Sometimes it is vulgar, but most of the time I can laugh with it.

My brother read this book last year, and he recommended it to me.

Sometimes it was difficult, because it is written in an Irish accent.

I think some parts of the book are not so realistic. Sharon and her friends always get drunk. And even when Sharon is pregnant. It’s not a good example for girls of my age. But maybe this is typical of Irish and British girls.

I also saw the film, and it looks the same as the book. First I had read the book and the characters in the film were just the way I had imagined them. But I thought Sharon would be prettier because that is mentioned in the book several times.

I recommend the book to other people. It reads very fluently, and it’s not too difficult. I like the story, because I could easily immerse myself in the book.
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