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Factual information

Title : Kramer vs. Kramer

Author : Avery Corman

Publisher : Grafton

Date of first publication : 1977

Number of pages : 224

Date of bookreport : October 1999

The author

Place of birth : New York City (U.S)

Social background

Place/country of residence : New York City

Original profession

Other books : Oh God!, The Old Neighborhood, 50 and Prized possessions

The book

Nature : Novel

Characterization of story : Love/psychological story

Explanation of title : It’s the name of the case between Joanna and Ted about Billy.

Time and place of action and function thereof : The story takes place in New York for. the bigger part. Ones in the book, they are in Florida.

Climax : Joanna brings Billy back to his father, because she heard what Ted had done for Billy. She thinks that it is the best for Billy to stand to his father. Author’s possible intention with the book : Telling us about the relationship between man, woman and child.

Plot and characterization

Description of main character and 2 secondary characters: Ted Kramer is the main character of the story. He is a man with brown eyes and light-brown hair. He is sensitive, not agressive and good for his son. Joanna Kramer is married with Ted. She is very beautiful, but sometimes she is egoistic. She likes to play tennis. Billy Kramer is the son of Joanna and Ted. He is a beautiful little boy with brown eyes and black hair. He is a lovely child. He can help between the divorce of his parents.

Relationship between characters: Ted and Joanna are married and the have one son: Billy. Later in the story the get divorced and Billy stays with Ted.

General outline of the story: Joanna and Ted Kramer are married. They get a son: Billy. Ted has a hard time on his work. The relationship between Joanna and Ted is getting bad. Joanna is tired of being alone at home with Billy. She wants to do something, she wants to get a job. They talk about that and then they decide that Billy will go to a nursery school. In the time Billy is at school, Joanna takes tennislessons. Joanna hates her life. On an evening, she finally says that she is leaving Ted. Ted keeps a housekeeper, Mrs Willewska. She is wonderful and Billy likes her. Ted and Billy don’t hear anything of Joanna until Christmas. Somewhere near Christmas Joanna coalls and says she wants to spend a day with Billy. On the end of the day, Joanna travels further and leaves Ted again. On a day, Ted is fired. He is busy all day to find a job. After a year Ted has got a new job. Joanna asks Ted to give Billy back to her. Ted didn’t, so they get a lawsuit. The decision of the lawyer is that Joanna may have Billy. When Joanna heard what Ted has done for Billy, she thinks that it isn’t good for Billy to take him away of his daddy. Ted can keep Billy, but Joanna wants to keep seeing Billy. Personal reaction

Your opinion of the characters: Ted is a good guy, because he cared very good for Billy. Joanna is an egoistic woman, but in the end she shows her human side. Billy is a lovely child. It wasn’t his fault that his parents wants to divorced.

Your opinion of the ending of the book: The end surprised me a little. I hadn’t expected that Joanna gave Billy to Ted.

Your opinion of the book in general: I’d like this book. It wasn’t difficult to understand and it was a good story. You couldn’t expected what should happened. The only point for me to didn’t read the book again was the thickness.
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