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Book report Stone Cold:

The story begins with “u can call me link”. That’s not his real name, but a name he makes up later in the story when a guy asks him and he doesn’t want to give his real name. So he thought of a name and he remembered a railway called “Thameslink”. So u just said to the other guy who probably made his own name up: “I’m Link”. The other guy was called Ginger and he is homeless just like Link is. The story is not like every other story. Cause it is told by 2 guys true each others story. The story of Link(also told by link) is the main story. And trough that story u have another one headed “Daily routine orders”. And that story is told by a guy who also makes his name up. The name he makes up is ”Shelter”, this man is really crazy. He is an old retired soldier that is going to make his own army in his basement with people who live on the streets. I explained about the most importing characters that are in the story. U might wonder how Link got homeless, well ill tell u mate. He lived with his mum and stepfather (named Vince). He hated his stepfather so much that he left home, he went to sleep with his sister who already moved cause of Vince. But the boyfriend of his sister(named Carole)didn’t want him in the house anymore, so he got homeless. First he was living in the neighbourhood and went to eat and take a shower at his sisters house. But the boyfriend of Carole didn’t want that either. He had celebrated X-mass home, well there wasn’t much to celebrate for him. His mum and sis had bought him a real good sleeping bag. That was off course a nice gift but it was a sing for him that they didn’t want him back. And that he should just sleep outside again with his new sleeping bag. So he decided to go to London on December 28th (And that’s before X-mass). But when he came in London he didn’t know where to go or what to do. So he tried to get work, but when they found out that he was homeless they didn’t want him. So he tried a service that would get him some money (homeless service). But they weren’t going to give him anything. So he had to sleep on the street, In his first night he met Ginger. And he was the guy who learnt him how to live on the street. He was telling all the good places to beg for money. And he knows the best sleeping places. After I wile Ginger leaves to his friends on the train one day. And when he came back Link had fallen asleep, So he didn’t notice that a man about the age of 40 was talking to Ginger. And told him that Link was hurt and he should hurry, and that he was in the mans house. But that wasn’t true. He was the first one that had joined his army, yes indeed it was him Shelter. He had started collecting the first homeless people and let them join his army. But Link had to move on, his first days alone made him look for Ginger but he couldn’t find him anywhere. Then when he went to a café he met a girl called Gail. She said she wasn’t homeless for long. And asked link if he could help her, there was some doubt but Link said: “yes”. But Link didn’t forgot his old friend Ginger, and he went back to the station if anyone had seen him. There was a man who remembered that he saw a man that was talking to Ginger. . Later that day a man with a picture of a girl that Link had seen before talking to Ginger, so he said that he had saw the girl and that the man could better see captain hook (a men that has a few boats were people can sleep). The men went there and asked if he had seen the girl, and he did. So he told the man the address and then the men left of to tell the police about his lost daughter. Then they went to the police that noticed that they were homeless right away. So they weren’t believed at all. But they believed the man with the picture so the police went to the house of the man (who was Shelter, and had already collected a lot of soldiers(homeless kids). The police didn’t find anything or suspected anything, so they left without doing anything. Then Gail and Link tried to find out were the guy lived themselves, so Gail asked the place were the guy with the picture asked. And he gave Gail the address.

But later Gail and Link got in a fight and Gail went off. Link went to check on the house again, and that’s when he was asked in by Shelter. After a bit of fighting Link was thrown in the basement with all the other “soldiers”. But Gail had returned earlier and saw the fight, she had got the police to the house, and then they arrested Shelter and Gail told Link she wasn’t homeless but a reporter that was doing stories on homeless. ~~The End~~
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