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Details on the book.

Author : Robin Cook

Title : Invasion

publisher : Pan books

number of pages : 393

Short summarize.

One day a shooting star could be seen in the sky. Everyone really liked it and lots of people watched it. But only minutes after the shooting star, all kinds of electronic equipment began to spark and explode throughout the city.

The following morning, college student Beau Stark is the first to pick up one of the countless strange black disks, these disk seem to have suddenly appeared everywhere. With the first sharp pain, like a bee-sting, he gets Ainfested@. He becomes more and more in control by some sort of higher power. He gets flu-like symptons wich signify the revival of an alien virus implanted millions of years ago in mankind=s genetic code (you get to know this somewhere in the middle of the book). This virus has in some way been waiting to be activated.

Meanwhile all over the nation other human beings and creatures are being infested by the same virus. They start to behave weird and symbiotically, as if they are controlled by some outside influence (higher power).

Beau takes the leadership of this extremely fast growing group of infested people. He starts to behave very strange against his friends and girlfriend, he also gets very strong all of a sudden, his body is mutating. After a few incidents his college friends realise something is wrong, and that they should do something about it.

But the group of infested people is growing fast and when the collage friends come to know more about the Avirus@ they realize that they should should convince the government that something is wrong. Only most members of the government are already infected, so there seems to be no rescue...

At this point all the stories come together, all the main characters are in a team now. (first every character was independantelly described). They hope to find a solution to save mankind, but the group of infested people is still growing and they also became hunted by the infested people.

Just when everything seems to be lost and a couple of the members are cought by the infested people, they find a doctor on the internet, who claims to have a solution.

The group decides to meet the doctor, and when they meet they see that the doctor was speeking the truth..he is able to make a anti-virus wich can be spread trough air (a sort of flue).

Meanwhile Cathy, member of the group and girlfriend of Beau (who is the leader), has escaped from the infested people. After giving her the antidote she informes the rest about a gate way that the infested people are building. It is a gateway to the world where the virus came from...

They agree that they have to destroy this gateway to save humanity.

When they succeed in destroying the gateway, it disappears into a sort of Ablack hole@. And the infested people turn back to normal. Only Beau, who was the first one to be infected, dies because he was already mutated.

When and where.

The story plays in America, I don=t know exactly where. It is very clear from the beginning that it is in America because of the language used and all sorts of american habits, school, etc that show up in the book. The time is not really important in the book, only that they have to stop the Ainvasion@.

Main characters.

Cassy Winthrope, a student teacher in her final year of college, is pretty enough to catch the eye of every man, and that has happens a lot.

Beau Stark,plans to marry Cassy Winthrope. His feelings for her are really strong. As a college senior, Beau has managed to score an interview with Randy Nite, Chair of Cipher Software. His single-minded pursuit of success seems assured. Not even a flu can stop him, he thinks.

Pitt Henderson, a pre-med student, is working at the local hospital as part of his senior thesis. Pitt still loves Cassy whom he dated before Beau claimed her heart. Eager to expand his knowledge of medicine, Pitt is at first fascinated, then horrified, at the recent discoveries he encounters.

Jonathan Sellers,wishes his parents would let him have the family car on weekends. A high-school honors student, Jonathan is a whiz on the computer. The world might have been created in seven days, but it will take less then that to turn a boy into a man.

Nancy Sellers (and husband), a virologist, knows the hazards of being a working mother. Teenagers are so unpredictable, but Jonathan has never given her cause to worry, until now. Swept into a nightmare from which there seems no escape, Nancy uses every weapon at her disposal to protect her family.

Dr. Sheila Miller, an Emergency Room specialist, finds the current outbreak of an unidentified new strain of flu perplexing. When the hospital officials refuse to listen to her warnings, she seeks help from other sources to save life as we know it from becoming extinct.

Major problem.

The major problem is that the world and everything that lives on it is going to be taken over by some sort of alien race. And there are only a few people left to prevent this.


The main characters all live in city=s, so the environnement is the city where they live. And the place where the Ainfested@ humans are making the starport is in or near a forrest

Title explained.

The title actually explaines everything, the world as we now it has been taken over by some sort of higher power, wich uses and modifies the human dna to have control over them.

Best part.

The part i liked most was when Beau (the first one to be infected) got really strong and smart because his body was mutating. He played a game of basketball against two aggressive players, at one moment one of them punched him really hard in the face and he didn=t feel anything.


The genre is ofcourse science-fiction

Close to reality?

Is the story close to reality? Who knows, maybe there really are aliens, but I really doubt it. And if there were aliens, I don=t think that they necesserily have to be violant, as in most story=s.



Alien powers



fugitives (fugees)







When I would design a new cover I would design one with medical things and dna, because in this book a lot of things are approached from a medical point of view. (see front)
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