Boekverslag : Ann Coburn - The Granite Beast
De taal ervan is Engels en het aantal woorden bedraagt 252 woorden.


The granite beast


Ann Coburn

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Ruth is a girl that lives with her mother in Cornwall. Eight monads ago her father died. They have just moved en since she moved in she got nightmares. Ben, a boy in Cornwal says that he go’s through her dream. First Ruth doesn’t want to listen to him but later she does. They try together to solve the problem. To solve the problem they go to different mister places, but Ruth doesn’t recognize any of them in her dreams. On one evening they are reading books about ghosts, legends and unsolved misters. When Ruth read one story she recognize it in her dreams. Under the village walks a hole mine and tunnel system. In those tunnels shelter echoes from hundred years old around. When there is at school a trip to the tunnels she tries to warn everybody, but no one lissends. Ruth doesn’t want to go at first, but she goes because she wants to protect the rest. Ben also go’s with, but because no one may now that, he follows the group one a distends. When they are in the tunnels the walls begin to shake en the walls fall in. They climb with a rope that Ruth had brought with to above and when they smell fresh air they follow it and find so the way out. Ben who has followed the children in the tunnel is rescued by rescueworkers and has only his arm out of the socket.
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