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Report of: Rainbow Six


Tom Clancy (American)


Rainbow Six

Title explanation:

Rainbow Six is John Clarck’s code-name. When you’re a leader of a unit, you’re called a ‘Six’.

First print:

1998, so it’s quite a new book.





Time of acting:

The story plays in this time. At the end of the story, Rainbow is called to go to the Olympics in Sydney. I am told that they are held in 2000. Besides that, all medical techniques used by Horizon, and all weapons used by Rainbow are quite modern, so it can’t be a long time ago.

Place of acting:

The story takes us to many places, all over the globe. The most important places are Hereford, Great Britain, New York, USA, Bern, Switzerland, Vienna, Austria, Worldpark, Spain, and Sydney, Australia.

Principal characters:

John Clarck - The leader of Rainbow, always cool. American.

Domingo “Ding” Chavez - Leader of Team 2, married to Patsy, John Clarck’s daughter, a bit macho. Latin American.

Iosef Adreyevich Serov - Also known as Dmitry Adreyevich Popov, he’s behind the crimes in Bern and Vienna, and tells Rainbow about ‘The Project’. Former Russian KGB-officer

John Brightling - President of Horizon Inc. He’s also behind the ‘The Project’

Dr. Killgore -

Dr. Archer - Both are working on the ‘Ebola Shiva’ virus, and it’s vaccines

Homer Johnston - Member of Team 2 at Rainbow. Canadian.

Dieter Weber - Like Homer a sniper at Team 2. German

Eddie Price - Rifleman at Team 2. Right hand of Ding Chavez

Bill Noonan - The technician at Rainbow, very smart fellow. Also a good shooter.

Patricia Chavez - Ding’s wife, pregnant of a son. He would be called John Connor. Doctor at the local hospital.

Sandy Clarck - John’s wife. Also doctor at the local hospital.

There are many other names mentioned in the story, but the ones above are the most

important ones.


The story is all about ‘Rainbow’, a secret counter-terrorism unit, headquartered in Hereford.

Soon after they set-up in Hereford they’re called to end a seizure in Bern. There are also some hostages, so Chavez and his men have to be very careful. They manage to free everybody, without civilian losses.

In the meantime, some people at Horizon are working on a virus code-named ‘Ebola Shiva’. Together with a ‘vaccine’ it should kill all people in the world, except some people at Horizon. They think that they will help nature in that way.

Some weeks after the incident in Bern, there is another one in Vienna, also with hostages. And, again, Chavez and his men kill all terrorists and free the hostages. Some time after that, there is a mission in Spain at a theme park, where terrorists have took some children as hostages. This time there is one civilian loss, a little Dutch girl. And Rainbow is still unknown to the press, e.g. they were seen as Swiss cops in Switzerland.

Popov, who was behind the first two incidents, finds out who Rainbow is, and decides to take John’s wife and Ding’s wife hostage at the hospital near Hereford. Rainbow comes in action again, but this time it isn’t easy at all. Two members are KIA and several others are wounded. The hostages are save anyway, but Popov manages to escape. But, Rainbow now knows that he’s behind some terrorist-actions and they try to catch him. They fail. But, when Iosef Serov (Popov’s real name (?)), hears that Horizon is about to kill almost everyone in the world, he calls John Clarck. He tells him what Horizon is about to do. They want to release the virus at the Olympics in Sydney. Thanks to that information, Rainbow can stop the activities of Horizon and save mankind. Some guys at Horizon try to escape, but Rainbow is able to get them. So, in the end, a lot of ‘bad guys’ are killed or taken to prison. Now Chavez can enjoy his little son.

Crucial point of the story:

I think the part where Serov tells Clarck about Horizon’s plans, is the most important event in the story. If he hadn’t told, Rainbow would have never known about their plans, and almost everyone on earth would have been killed.


Fighting terrorism

Meaning of the author:

I think Tom Clancy wants to show us how dangerous the world of terrorism is, and how hard it can be for counter-terrorism units to fight against it.

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