Boekverslag : Agatha Christie - Ten Little Niggers (and Then There Were None) / Tien Kleine Negertjes
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Ten little niggers

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Someone called U.N. Owen has invited eight people. They have to come to an island, called Nigger Island. They all took this invitation, because it looked like that the writer of the invitation knew very much about them. For each person, the writer had another reason to invite him. They had to go by boat, because there was no other way to the island. When they came on the island, they saw a very modern and big house. There were beautiful surroundings too. In the house they met two people, called Thomas and Ethel Rogers. They were servants in the house, hired by the owner of the house. Everybody was there now, except the host.

One guest, Vera Claythorne found an old rhyme for children on the wall. It was about ten little niggers, who died one by one. In the evening, at dinner was suddenly heard a loud voice. It told the people about the fact that they all had murdered a person. It was just a gramophone, but they were all shocked. They decided to talk about this very seriously. Judge Wargrave (one of the guests too) took the leadership. They looked at their invitations, and saw that most of the invitations were signed with U.N. Owen. With a little bit fantasy is that 'unknown'. They all explained the murder that they had accused. The judge himself had found someone guilty, so that he was executed. Vera Claythorne said that a boy drowned when she was in charge. General Macarthur made an order to his officer, but he died. Philip Lombard said that he once left twenty-one people in the jungle without food. Anthony Marston killed two children by a car accident. Rogers said that they took care of an old lady, but she suddenly died one night. Blore made someone go to prison, were he died one year later. Armstrong said he didn't remember the woman (Louisa Mary Clees), but in his head he knew that he operated her when he was drunk. Emily Brent was the only one who didn't want to say anything. They decided to leave the island the next morning. Suddenly Anthony Marston lay on the ground, dead. His drink was poisoned said doctor Armstrong. Later that evening Rogers saw that one of the ten niggers on the table was disappeared. All the people had there own thoughts in their rooms, wen they went to sleep. The next morning, Mrs. Rogers lay dead in her bed. When they wanted to leave, the boat didn't come. There were eight niggers left on the table. Lombard and Armstrong discussed the situation and found out that there had to be a sort of a lunatic, but when they searched the island, they found nobody. At lunch general Macarthur didn't appear, they found him dead, he was hit on his head. And again there was a nigger missing on the table. Everybody could have done these three murders, so they all started to distrust eachother. The next morning, there was no breakfast, they found Rogers body in a wash house. He was killed with an axe while he was chopping wood. Vera thinks about the old rime in her room, she found out that the murderer followed these rules. She got hysterical. Later, they found the body of misses Brent. The nigger on the table was also gone. The remaining people were very frightened. They stayed together all the time, and just one person was allowed to leave the room every time. They searched for eachothers weapons, but Lombards gun wasn't found anywhere. When Vera went to her room, she felt a wet hand in her face. She screamed very loud and the others came very quickly. When they came down again, they found the body of judge Wargrave, he was disguised like a judge in old times. They went to bed, but in the night Lombard heard footsteps, he saw that Armstrongs room was empty, but he and Blore couldn't find him anywhere. The next morning they decided to stay outside, because they thought that was safer. Blore went to the house for food, but he got killed when a heavy marble block fell on his head. Lombard and Vera found Armstrongs body between the rocks by the sea. Vera shoots Lombard with his own gun. She was a crazy about all this and killed herself when she saw a rope hanging in her room.

The police found the bodies, but they didn't understand what had happened on this island. Later, there was a paper found in a bottle in the sea. Judge Wargrave was the murderer, because he had a big feeling for justice. He wasn't dead, but he pretended to be dead, with some help of Doctor Armstrong. After all this, he killed himself with a very complicated system.

Describe a character

Judge Wargrave: He's an older man, very relaxed. He was a thinker. When you read the book, you'll find out that he is the leader from the beginning. He keeps his head cool, and when other persons are very stressed, he isn't. I thought that Vera Claythorne was a little bit afraid of him in the beginning. Wargraves character develops from a relaxed man into a leader. Later, you'll find out that he isn't a nice man, but a murderer. I think it's nice that you don't know that he is the murderer. You can't think that he's the murderer, and that's why I think this is a great book.
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