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Endless Night


Agathie Christie


The story started when mike Rogers met a man who told him about Gypsy's acre. The man told him that a lot of accidents happened in Gipsy's Acre, but he couldn't tell more to mike and sent him to Mrs. Lee. She could tell more, she knew all about Gipsy's Acre. When he met Mrs. Lee who told him that nothing good comes out of Gipsy's Acre and never will, he didn't believe her. Then she told him his fortune; he had to leave the place and must never come back again otherwise there will be sorrow, loss and danger. But he didn't believe, why could anyone see in the palms of anyone's hands? And he was interested in Gypsy's Acre, he should buy it one day…

There was some things that really meant something to him and, like Gipsy's Acre and Santonix. Santonix was an architekt, who once said to him to build him a house, his dreamhouse, but he hadn't enough money.

He had gone to the auction from Gypsy's Acre, but it hadn't be sold. Then he went for a walk to Gipsy's Acre and saw a girl, Fenella. He was interested in her and they talked about Gipsy's Acre.

He saw Fenella over and over again. They had a good time together. Gypsy's has been sold and Mike didn't knew who had bought it.

He had been seeing his mother and told about the girl and asked money, because he wanted to marry the girl. he gets angry, because his mother thought she would be a wrong girl.

Fenella and Mike were going to marry and Fenella told him she had bought Gypsy's Acre and they were going to live their together. She wanted Greta, her best friend who had looked over her for three years, with her in the house. But Mike wanted to be alone with Fenelle.

Fenelle surprised him, because she told him she's one of the richest women of America. Santonix is going to build their house.

They were for a honeymoon in Greece and met Santonix who was going to build their house.

Greta had come over for a visit. Mike didn't like her. Later the rest of Fenella's family came over. Mike didn't like them at all, he thought that it seemed if they cared for Fenella, because she was rich.

Their new house was finished. They loved it, but when they were in it, it began when a stone had been throwed through the window and it hurted Fenelle, she was scared. Especially because Mrs. lee told her too not to come anymore on Gypsy's Acre.

Something was happened again, a dead bird was laid down by their house and a paper by it warned them to leave Gypsy's Acre. They had met some new friends, also Claudia who was a good friend of Fenella.

When F. sprankled her ankle, Greta moved into the house to take care of her. Mrs. Lee warned F. again and Santonix didn't trust it at all, he thought Greta had to much influence on F. but F. seemed not to think that way and she wanted Greta to stay forever.

One day when Mike had a dinner with a friend and F. should also come, she didn't and nobody knew where she could be. After a while they found her with her horse at the hills. His friend thought she might be dead.

F. was dead, nobody knew how it came until some people told they saw a gypsy woman speaking to her and told bad things. That might be Mrs. Lee.

Still they are searching to the house how it had happened.

Then he tried to make Mrs. Lee suspected to blame her for the death and he also said Claudia could have to do with it. Then Andrew, a uncle of F. sent Mike a letter. He had included a photo of Greta and Mike arm in arm. That was before he had met F. He all the time knew that Mike wasn't telling the truth when he told that he didn't like Greta.

When Mike came back from America (New York), were F. was buried, he went back to Greta, because he thought she was the right woman for him. He and Greta had all made it up, he had never loved F. but Greta. They had all made the story up to live together with Greta at Gypsy's Acre in a house built by Santonix. And that dream seemed to be true.

Until he came back from America, he thought he saw F. and told Greta. Then they had a quarrel and he realised he didn't love Greta anymore and he killed her. That day all sort of people came to Mike, they all wanted to know what really happened, but Mike didn't want to talk about it. He wanted to be alone and write about it… He thought about Fenella, she was so sweet… It was an endless night…


Michael Rogers: a man who had made up a story to make his dream true. He really wanted Greta, a house built by Santonix and to live at Gypsy's Acre.

Fenella Guteman: she was Michael's wife and she really loved him. She was a very rich woman and was dependent on Greta, because greta had looked over for her for three years.

Greta: a woman who exactly knew where she stand, a pretty looking woman. Together with Mike she had made up the story. She also loved Michael.

Santonix: a great architect, who built a wonderful house at Gypsy's Acre. Michael had always admired him.


A story made up that ended bad, to an endless night. First it seemed all to be going all right, but at last Michael realised he loved fenella and all the things he had done ended to a black world for him. He even didn't like the house built by Santonix anymore, a real endless night.


Gypsy's Acre was situated in England, but at first F. lived in America in New York.
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