Boekverslag : Agatha Christie - Ten Little Niggers (and Then There Were None) / Tien Kleine Negertjes
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And then there were none


Agatha Christie


Eight strangers are invited to come to Nigger Island. Thee Island is owned by a millionaire. When they arrive there are already two people. They had prepared the house and are going to serve the guests. When they're all at the Island, they can't leave anymore, becouse there's no boat. When they're all together in the house they hear a voice. It says that everybody in the house had killed somebody. Everybody is shocked and tells his story about what the voice said. When Marston drinks something, he dies. He's murdered with cyanide, which had been put into his glass. In the beginning there were ten nigger boys on the table (puppets), but after Marston's death there were only nine left! The second person who dies is Mrs. Rogers. He was lying in bed and got a glass with brandy. The murderer put an overdose of chloral hydrate in it (after her death there were only eight nigger boys left!). Then one by one they are murdered. The third one was General Macarthur. He was sitting on a cliff and didn't hear the murderer. He was pushed and fell on the rocks. The fourth one was Mr. Rogers. He was shopping sticks for lighting the kitchenfire when the murderer hit him with an axe through his head. His head was split open. The fifth one was Miss Emily Brent. The murderer put chloral hydrate in her coffee. By that she was nearly unconscious she was given a cyanide injection. The sixth one was Mr. Justice Wargrave. He was shot through his head. The seventh one was Dr. Armstrong. He was walking at the edge of a cliff. The murderer asked him to look down. Dr. Armstrong leant right over and the murderer pushed him. He fell into sea and drowned. The eight one was Blore. His head was crushed in, because a big marble clock fell on his head. The ninth one was Philip Lombard. He was shot by Vera Claythorne, because she thought he was the murderer. After that Vera thought she was alone on the Island and went to her room. There hung a rope and stood a chair. Then she hung herself. How could the rope hang there? That was because Mr. Justice Wargrave wasn't dead. He had pretended he was dead and was laid in his room. Nobody came into the room so it was easy to leave it and kill the others. When everybody was dead he wrote the whole story and put it into a bottle and threw it into sea. Then he commits suicide. And then there were none.

Main Characters

 Main characters:	notes:			the way the were killed: Anthony Marston		none			with cyanide Mrs. Rogers		manservant's wife	with chloral hydrate General Macarthur	none			pushed and fell dead on the rocks Mr. Rogers		manservant		with an axe through his head Miss Emily Brent	65-year old lady	with chloral hydrate Mr. Justice Wargrave	judge			is shot Dr. Armstrong		doctor			pushed into sea Mr. Blore		none			big marble clock fell on his head Philip Lombard		captain			is shot Vera Claythorne		secretary		hung herself 

Scheme: 10 strangers on Island and they can't leave a voice saying about the killings 10 puppets on table, Anthonny Marston dies of cyanide, now 9 puppets Mrs. Rogers, overdose of chloral hydrate, now 8 puppets General MacArthur, pushed and fell on the rocks, 7 puppets Mr. Rogers, head split open by an axe Miss Emily Brent, chloral hydrate in coffee, then injection with cyanide Mr. Justice Wargrave, shot through head Dr. Armstrong, drowned, 3 puppets left Blore, big clock on his head, 2 puppets Phillip Lombard, shot by Vera who thought he was the killer Vera hung herself real killer: Wargrave, wasn't dead at all, appears to be revenge, now writes the whole story on paper + commits suicide And then there were none 
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