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A. Information


Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland


Lewis Carrol

Date of Publish



Avenel Books

Place of Publish

New York, United States of America

Number of pages

192 pages

B. Summary

It was a hot day, when Alice saw a little rabbit jump into a huge rabbit-hole. So she followed him and landed in some sort of Wonderland, where animals could talk, and food decided, which height you grow. But her problem at the moment was how she could get out of this Wonderland. So she asked all the animals, that she met, the way out, but none of them could answer her, they all seemed to be busy with something, considering the often-strange answers they gave. So, Alive had to look for an entrance herself, and via this way, she met the Queen and King of ‘Wonderland’, a crazy couple, who ruled ‘Wonderland’, and scared the whole population by threatening them with decapitation. Soon, the Queen accused Alice of stealing a couple of tarts, and she had to come to the court. But at the moment that the Queen and King wanted to pronounce a sentence over Alice, Alice grew so large, that she hadn’t to be afraid no more of the Queen and King. So she began to be insolent. The King and Queen didn’t like this, so they attacked Alice, and at that moment, Alice awaked from her dream about Wonderland.

C. Character information

The main Character in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is, of course, Alice.

Alice is a well-educated young girl, who is most of the time very polite.

She also is very brave and adventurous, but a little careful at the same time.

I like the main character, Alice, a lot, because she has a very good vision of the world, although she is still very young. But she’s well educated, so that’s explains it, and that also explains why she is so bright, and that is also a thing that I like of her.

She is also very polite, what I also like, but sometimes, she can be a little cheek, but not too much.

D. When it takes place, and where

The story doesn’t give any information on when it plays, but judging from Alice’s clothes, it plays at the beginning of the 20th century, about 1920/30/40.

Most of the time, the story takes place in Wonderland, although when Alice is in Wonderland, she actually lies next to her sister, on the bench, so you could consider that the whole story takes place in Alice her mind, while she is asleep on the bench.

E. Title explanation

The title is totally clear. ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ is the title, and that is also the whole story in a nutshell.

F. Who tells the story?

The writer tells the story, although you can see what Alice thinks, and how she experiences the story most of the time.

G. The theme

In this book, it’s very difficult to get hold of the theme. Many times, a book like this has a political or religious theme, but if you would ask me what the theme is, I would say that Alice is the whole theme, trying to find out who she really is, because she asks this question to herself a lot. She also finds lots of strange (or, as the writer says, ‘queer’) ‘persons’ in Wonderland, which look like trying to confuse her in finding herself.

H. My opinion

In my opinion, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is one of the most exciting books I’ve ever read. You are really sucked into the story during your read, and you can’t stop reading, because you always want to know what’s next, because the whole story is just so unpredictable. And as the Chesire cat says: ‘We’re all mad. I’m mad. You are mad.’ And that’s about the best conclusion for this story: One big and mad adventure...
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